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Thirty days as a cuban article review

Embassy of Cuba in the USA 26. Are there any restrictions for foreign nationals traveling to Cuba from the U. Foreign nationals traveling to Cuba from the United States are required by U. All passengers traveling on U. All passengers, including foreign nationals, will be required to certify their reason of travel is within one of the 12 travel categories authorized by OFAC. Leisure travel is currently prohibited from the U.

S, and thus, is not one of the OFAC categories. Foreign nationals traveling to Cuba for tourist purposes should not attempt to book travel on a U. In addition, all passengers traveling on U. Delta will not issue refunds for Cuban medical insurance. Delta will make tourist cards available for purchase at the U. What do I need to know about departing from Cuba? You will not be allowed to leave Cuba without presenting the remaining portion of the card.

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SkyMiles members may earn miles on Delta-operated flights to Cuba. However, travel to Cuba on flights operated by partner airlines is not eligible for mileage accrual.

Please note, passengers earn miles for the base fare and carrier imposed surcharges, but not for taxes and fees. Medallion Complimentary Upgrades are available on Delta-operated flights to Cuba. Partner-operated flights to Cuba are ineligible for Complimentary Upgrades. Are Mileage Upgrade Awards available? Partner-operated flights to Cuba are ineligible for Mileage Upgrade Awards. Will passengers receive all Medallion benefits thirty days as a cuban article review travel to and from Cuba?

How can I book travel to Cuba? Travel agencies are able to book travel to Cuba by following their specific GDS activation process, as outlined below: Travelport agencies in the U. Please contact your Travelport representative for more information. Galileo agencies are located outside the U. Contact your account manager to review how your agency can thirty days as a cuban article review access. Access to this content is not automatically enabled.

Please contact Sabre for additional information. Can Delta segments be combined with other airline OA segments? Are there any travel requirements for travel to Cuba?

In addition to Delta, is the travel agency required to maintain an OFAC certification from each traveler? Are there any other licenses — or exceptions to the 12 OFAC categories — that a passenger may present as an authorization for travel? Yes, some passengers may have a specific license issued by OFAC that thirty days as a cuban article review travel outside of the 12 general license authorized categories for travel. Also, Cuban citizens returning to Cuba are authorized by general license to travel to Cuba.

Are there other important requirements for Cuba passengers? Complete passenger contact information, including but not limited to phone fields and email addresses, is required to be in the PNR. How will the addition of service to Cuba affect my contract and incentives with Delta? Please contact your Sales Account Executive thirty days as a cuban article review additional information regarding program details for Cuba. Will my passengers receive priority benefits through programs like Delta Edge?

What are the specific baggage allowances for travel to Cuba? Are there any weight restrictions for checking bags to Cuba?

What power plugs do I need in Cuba? Most of Cuba uses a 110-volt current with the standard American two- or three-prong outlets. However, some newer hotels and resorts use 220-volt currents and only accept the European two-prong round prongs. Travelers should bring personal appliances rated for 110-volt current, with U. What can I bring back from Cuba? Do I need any immunizations prior to my travel? How safe is it to travel to Cuba? Please refer to the U. Department of State for the most current information and recommendations.

What currency is used in Cuba? Cuban convertible pesos CUC thirty days as a cuban article review the primary currency used by visitors to Cuba. Money can be converted in Cuba at Cadecas houses of exchangewhich are located at the airport and hotels. Thirty days as a cuban article review current exchange rate is about 25 CUP to 1 CUC, so travelers should pay attention to which kind of peso is being used in any transactions. Are credit, debit or ATM cards accepted in Cuba?

With very few exceptions credit, debit, and ATM cards issued by U.

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Passengers should arrive in Cuba with enough cash to pay for all expenses during the trip, including hotels, meals, and any excursions planned. Who can passengers contact if they lose their passport in Cuba? Passengers may contact the: Is the water safe to drink in Cuba?

Are there rooms and facilities available thirty days as a cuban article review disabled passengers in Cuba? Few hotels have facilities that are equipped for disabled travelers, and public and private transportation is not geared toward disabled travelers.

Disabled passengers may choose to research resources and facilities equipped to handle their needs before traveling to Cuba.

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The association is a member of the Disabled Peoples' International DPIand probably the thirty days as a cuban article review contact for travelers with disabilities in Cuba. Are there additional requirements for Cuban citizens traveling to Cuba? Yes, there are additional requirements for Cuban citizens traveling to Cuba. The Cuban government requires U. Using a Cuban passport for this purpose does not jeopardize one's U.

Please note that Cuban born individuals that left the country on or after Jan 1, 1971 must have the entry permit on their Cuban passport or other type of visa e. H1 visa issued by the Cuban Embassy.