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The life and racism philosophical ideologies of louis farrakhan

Linkedin This article first appeared in Forward volume 9, number 2 1986. The full PDF can be viewed by clicking here. A band of angels coming after me, coming for to carry me home.

But Christianity is not simply an other-worldly hope with no thoughts of the present. The apostle Paul went on to declare: Thus the Christian faith is concerned with both our life here and with our eternal life with God after our work here has been completed. It is a religion solely interested in the affairs of the life and racism philosophical ideologies of louis farrakhan life and the physical betterment of its people.

It is a faith based on racism and hate which expects that all of its enemies will the life and racism philosophical ideologies of louis farrakhan be destroyed, and that its members will then rule the world.

In addition, we must also be cognizant of the social, psychological and spiritual needs which gave rise to it. The years 1917-1930 were exceedingly trying for American blacks. The black servicemen who returned to America after World War I found that they frequently had been treated better in European countries than they were in their own home. In the summer of 1930 a man identifying himself as Wallace Fard Muhammad appeared in Detroit. He proclaimed that he had come from the holy city of Mecca, with a mission to teach blacks the truth about whites.

He instructed blacks to prepare for the battle of Armageddon, which he interpreted to mean the final confrontation between blacks and whites. The most important of the new members was Elijah Poole, an unemployed auto worker. From 1923 to 1929 he worked for the Chevrolet Auto Plant in Detroit until the Great Depression caused his family to go on relief for two years. If you get out, you will come by me, and if you reject me, you will not go.

I have been given the keys to heaven. The result of this was a hate begotten of hate. The entire creation of Allah God is of peace, not including the devils who are not the creation of Allah God but a race created by an enemy Yakub of Allah….

These enemies of Allah God are known at the present as the white race or European race. The white man is by nature evil, a snake who is incapable of doing right, a devil who is soon to be destroyed. Elijah Muhammad made this all too clear: We called on the God that you said was the right one for a long time. For a hundred years we have been calling on your God and the Son, both.

I am sure today that sic God and his Son that you are presenting to us have been for white people, surely they were not friends of ours. He never heard us. He must have been off somewhere in conversation over your future and did not have time to hear our prayers…. Never any more will you fool us to bow and pray to a dead Jesus.

He would become known to the American people as Malcolm X. However, it would not be an exaggeration to say that he could be considered the St. Paul of this movement. The reasons were twofold. On February 21, 1965, less than a year after he had left the Nation of Islam, he was shot to death by three black men while giving a public lecture at the Audubon Ballroom in New York City.

Wallace Deen Muhammad Over the next ten years the Nation of Islam continued to grow, albeit not nearly as rapidly as before. Most members believed that Louis Farrakhan, minister of the Harlem temple, would be the new leader. Another reason the members were shocked was because Wallace had been excommunicated from the group by his father on at least three different occasions.

The main reason for his excommunications was that he rejected the apotheosis or deification of Fard. Why then was Wallace Deen chosen? Farrakhan emphatically backed Wallace: His son is the will of God. This influence is seen in the changes Wallace soon brought about in the Nation of Islam.

One of the first changes was to rename the group the World Community of Al-Islam in the West, thus attempting to identify the life and racism philosophical ideologies of louis farrakhan with worldwide Islam.

They would later change their name again; they are now known as the American Muslim Mission. He immediately began to root out some of the main tenets of the old Nation of Islam. Since 1975 the life and racism philosophical ideologies of louis farrakhan movement has been accepted by orthodox Muslims as legitimately Islamic and one within the fold of Islam.

Although no official membership rolls are kept, it is estimated that the American Muslim Mission currently has about 100,000 members. He was hardly a nationally known personality such as were his predecessors Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X. Nor was his group of followers nearly as large as those loyal to Wallace Deen Muhammad. The reason was simple: Is he a dangerous demagogue or a fearless spokesman for black America? He was raised in a tough Boston neighborhood, learning first-hand of the economic plight most blacks faced.

He dropped out of Winston-Salem Teachers College after two years of study and began what appeared to be a promising career as a singer. In 1955 his life was changed after a meeting with Malcolm X. Following his recruitment to the Nation of Islam he served under Malcolm at the Harlem mosque for nine months.

HATE BEGOTTEN OF HATE: Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam

Subsequently he was asked to direct the Boston mosque. However, as Wallace began to conform the organization the present American Muslim Mission to orthodox Islam, Farrakhan rebelled.

He left the group in December of 1977 and formed his own reorganized Nation of Islam, returning to the old teachings of Elijah Muhammad. Ideology The ideology of the Nation of Islam under Farrakhan is almost indistinguishable from what it was under Elijah Muhammad.

Farrakhan has initiated a few changes of his own, though.

One tenet of Elijah which is not called for anymore is the establishment of a separate state for the blacks. Instead, the blacks should separate economically, that is, only buy from and sell to each other. The other basic beliefs promulgated by Elijah Muhammad have remained e. Interestingly, Farrakhan continually tries to portray himself publicly as a very moderate person.

He has even suggested that the Nation of Islam is the life and racism philosophical ideologies of louis farrakhan no longer a racist group: It was a language that was necessary for that time in our development. Finally, there are two other new tenets brought forth by Farrakhan worth noting.

The first is that there is one exception to the denial of a literal resurrection of the dead. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, I am here to declare, is risen. However, the voice of Elijah Muhammad coming through me is giving life to the entire Nation [of Islam].

The life and racism philosophical ideologies of louis farrakhan

I warn you that when you turn me down and refuse this truth, you are turning down the Lord, the Savior, the Messiah, and the Deliverer that you seek. This Deliverer is the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He has instilled in them a pride and self-esteem which they have often lacked.

He has told them that they are not responsible for the state in which they find themselves, and seemingly offers them a way out of it. Last year Farrakhan made an extensive speaking tour of cities and universities across the nation.

The banner under which he spoke bore the message: This past summer the first line of products came out: Tabor, a black city councilman in Ingelwood, California, writes: His is a personality that demands a response from people, and the opinions are quite polarized. Are he and the Nation of Islam really as malevolent as these people have made them out to be?

Let us listen to Farrakhan himself and see. A number of years ago they received a three million dollar loan from Khaddafi and in 1985 received another loan worth five million dollars. Much more could be said about the racism of the Nation of Islam. But there is more than this. Two key areas need to be examined in greater detail: The Plight of Blacks in America Most white Americans have never experienced the depths of despair and hopelessness that black men, women, and children in this country have endured.

They have never been forced to live in ghettos or near-ghetto conditions surrounded by poverty and the violence and crime poverty breeds. Forty-five percent of black children are born into poverty as compared to only 15 percent of the life and racism philosophical ideologies of louis farrakhan children being born into poverty. Some of the more discouraging statistics show: In 1985, the typical black family had about 58 cents to spend for every dollar a typical white family had to spend.

That was the same as in 1980, and four cents less than in 1970. More than 31 percent of all black people were officially poor in 1985. Among black males 15 to 24 years old, homicide is the leading cause of death. A black man in America stands a 1-in-21 chance of being murdered in his lifetime.

A black the life and racism philosophical ideologies of louis farrakhan was 37 percent more likely than a white person to be a victim of rape, robbery or assault in 1983. Failures of the Christian Church For the most part the Christian church has not had the care and concern for the black man that it should have had. One of the greatest indictments against cultural Christianity is the racism that so-called Christians have shown, past and present.

Members of the Nation of Islam have continuously capitalized on this. During the heyday of the civil rights movement the ministers in the Nation of Islam temples would point the life and racism philosophical ideologies of louis farrakhan that the most segregated institution in this country was the Christian church.