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Psy 210 week 6 parenting styles and development

Sarah Henry shenry psy. Tuesdays from 11 to 12 in FLP 429 For research facilitation and final projects: Process and Prediction; Emotion: Expression and Regulation; Temperament: Early measurement and prediction ; Attachment through the life cycle: What predicts security and what security predicts; Social cognition: From joint attention to self-concept; Sibling and Peer Relationships: Pro-social and anti-social influences through adolescence; The behavioral genetic challenge and a reply ; the development of gender differences and intimacy, and the development of self-esteem.

My presentations will focus on these critical questions, as will your readings. Readings will be original psy 210 week 6 parenting styles and development articles and chapters. We will also discuss and debate critical questions, and watch videotape examples, do small group exercises, in-class projects and quizzes to deepen our understanding of what babies are all about.

Using these resources, you will, each week, hand in a one page 300 word answer to one of the week's critical questions, including all the sub-questions questions listed under that critical question.

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There will also be pop quizzes and in-class writing to assess how well you are utilizing the readings and other resources. Please have access to the readings hard copy or electronic during class sessions.

One psy 210 week 6 parenting styles and development of potential final project topics comes from my laboratory and includes: Other potential projects possible might stem from the Critical Questions column below, while still others may stem from your own interests and resources.

A final project that is a more extensive and formal empirical study is also a possibility, particularly for those of you conducting relevant research with psychologists in the department, could provide you with honors credit, and is required of students currently working in my lab.

The final project will require you to bring a laptop computer to class for several class sessions. All final projects must be approved by psy 210 week 6 parenting styles and development. I will help you with the selection of articles and with instructions on how to summarize and critique them. Your final project should reference any relevant material and assigned readings from class, but these do not count for your five readings.

Every empirical paper that you review should focus primarily on social and emotional development and be published in one of the following journals: All articles must have been published from 1990 to the present. Generally, the more recent the article the better. Go here to learn more about doing research from off-campus.

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Most of the PowerPoint lectures contain a list of helpful references as the final slide. You can also leaf through the journals above to find a topic that interests you. More references for final projects are on the syllabi of my graduate psy 210 week 6 parenting styles and development courses which you can find here.

Google scholar may be helpful as well. The final project will involve a 2,000 word research paper, presentation of your final project as a brief PowerPoint lecture to the class, and presenting your poster at a class poster session. Writing resources are available here. A final project that involves a more extensive and formal empirical study is also a psy 210 week 6 parenting styles and development, particularly for those of you conducting relevant research with psychologists in the department, could provide you with honors credit, and is required of students currently working in my lab.

Finally, final papers that involve contributing to Wikipedia are a possibility. To produce research data for students that are interested in this topic--and to produce real data for publication--you will be required to rate different behaviors.

PSY 210 Complete Class

You should not prepare for this rating, just show up. As a rater, you will be a research participant. If you don't want to do this, an alternative assignment is available. Lambert, one of the TAs will be your contact for making the ratings. Class Overview You can expect that this will be a difficult class, and that I will help you learn as much as you can, be available to psy 210 week 6 parenting styles and development, respond to your emails, return your assignments in a timely fashion, and help you tackle the new material you will be encountering.

At the end of the course, you will know how to investigate an interesting subject in psychology by reviewing the scientific literature and will have experience in presenting your work in different forms. You will have an opportunity to read studies and make observations that are of special interest to you.

If you add the course late, all past assignments are due on the class session after you add. Assignments will typically be assigned a percentage grade from 1 to 100. You will receive feedback on your writing assignments. Your final grade is based on 3 components. Being in class on time, participating in large and small group discussions, in-class assignments, and participation in the class listserve via BlackBoard, pop quizzes, and the final.

Weekly writing assignments and quizzes to do well on quizzes and pop quizzes, do the reading. Psy 210 week 6 parenting styles and development, oral, and poster presentation of your final project including empirical project.

All regular weekly writing assignments must be no more than 300 words and no longer than 1 single-spaced page. We will make extensive use of SafeAssignment. Be sure that SafeAssignment does not identify any of the main text of your your main final project assignments as duplicating work by others. This course will abide by the UM Honor Code: Honors credit is available and includes a more elaborate empirical and final project.

Readings are available on-line click the indicated reading; they are in Acrobat which can be downloaded here. If a reading assignment does not specify page numbers, the entire article is assigned. If a reading assignment is marked as "Extra," it is not required. Most lectures will be available from the links below and you can print them out as PowerPoint handouts before class.

Please bring a hard copy of the assigned reading to class. All written assignments should be in complete sentences and use a terse style in which every word helps make your point. You should use the stylistic guidelines found in the Publication Manual of the Psy 210 week 6 parenting styles and development Psychological Association which is in the library and the bookstore.

After this point, no credit will be given for a late paper.

If an emergency prevents you from handing in an assignment on time, please provide me with documentation from a relevant professional Dr. Use BlackBoard to email all students in the class, myself, and the Teaching Assistants simultaneously. In general, use BlackBoard to ask and respond to questions about the reading, assignments, whatever is relevant to what we are studying.

When you have a question for me that might be helpful to others, email it to everyone and I will respond. If you psy 210 week 6 parenting styles and development me an email which does not contain personal information, I will forward it to the class.

Psy 210 week 6 parenting styles and development

Participation in this class-wise email exchange is a form of class participation and will count toward that segment of your grade. I will not be able to accept any documents that contain computer viruses.

You will need to be able to both send and receive emails from me. You will need to have an email account that you regularly check, which is registered with the University system.