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Pedandragogy a way forward to self directed

Andragogy is a model focused on the teaching of adult learners. How is It Different from Pedagogy? Pedagogy and andragogy are very different teaching models.

Assignment 2 Self directed Learning The Assumptions of Andragogy

Pedagogy is considered a content model, whereas andragogy is a process model. Andragogy encourages the teacher as facilitator, where the emphasis is on enabling the student to learn.

These differences occur because pedagogy and andragogy are based on different assumptions about learners. How Can I Use It? For adult learners and online students, who are increasingly non-traditional, andragogy may provide a more suitable teaching model.

The maturity and experiences that adult learners have make andragogical principles the preferred option when designing a lesson. Additionally, with the tendency towards asynchronous delivery in online classes, students are increasingly self-directed. Planning a lesson or course around this model is conducive to this environment.

Learning techniques to implement in an andragogical lesson include: Problem-based learning, including case studies, educational games, and role play. Thus, pedagogy and andragogy are not mutually exclusive. Understanding the principles of both models will allow for better instruction.

Keeping Up With... Andragogy

The teacher or facilitator must determine the best approach for her or his students. A Neglected Species Houston: Further Reading Chametzky, Barry. Reframing teacher education methodology for higher-order thinking. A Simple, Reusable Instruction Design.