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Instead of dwelling on death they celebrate life, from the most recognizable celebrity to the quietest neighbor.

Only after excavating details of his life did she realize Cole is the only person in North America to survive two grizzly attacks, 14 years apart. That's a reference to the 1941 film Citizen Kane, and the desire of a reporter to define the mysterious dying word uttered by wealthy business magnate Kane.

While the former was a noble career, Pope found his real jewel fedex a look at the history of package deliveries the fedex a look at the history of package deliveries that Terral was once so struck by the bag of plasma separated from his blood during a medical procedure that he took it home, hung it from an IV hook, and pumped the liquid into the ground to see if it would help his garden grow.

So did his obituary. According to Pope, some family members have such fond memories of the deceased that talking to them can provoke a lot of amusement. Or they may simply be tipped off that the end is near. When an editor was sure a prominent celebrity was going to die, Pope was told to prepare a lengthy obituary.

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It can feel a little bit like handling the body itself. Phoning family members to collect memories of the recently deceased can be a sobering experience. Bodine says that children of the deceased can sometimes try to use an obituary to vent about personal vendettas. When he was writing about a local politician, Pope discovered that he had once been to prison for misappropriating campaign funds.


I told her it was because it was the truth. Family members may also omit certain facts. Because obituaries are perceived as the last word on many people, relatives and friends sometimes lean into the idea it should be a hagiography. According to Pope, people who expire that day of the week are more likely to be targeted for inclusion in the Sunday edition of the paper, which affords more space and more time for the obituary writer to do a thorough job.

While fedex a look at the history of package deliveries think the dying and their associates would have more pressing issues, sometimes they prioritize that recognition: In 1936, King George V's physician injected the monarch with enough morphine and cocaine to hasten his death in time for the next morning's papers, rather than the less-desirable evening editions.

When an obituary writer becomes well-known in the community, their very presence can portend bad news.

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Once, Pope walked into a social gathering where three people whose obituaries he had already written and banked for future use were standing. Obituaries are often treasured by families who appreciate how a writer has summarized and memorialized the deceased. Sometimes, that gratitude can extend to invitations to come to the funeral. I met a lot of people there who went to the same concerts. Each year, awards—known as the Grimmys —are awarded for best long- and short-form obituaries, as well as for lifetime achievement.

The trophy resembles a tombstone.