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Explain the effect of own role in on service provision

What is a belief?

The section to take special note of is: Part 1 Section 5 Principles objectives and guiding philosophy. Sometimes the funding guidelines under which organisations receive government financial support outline clearly the target client group and the conditions of service the contracted organisation must comply with. Funding guidelines Activity 1. A duty of care is a legal requirement: It is not only about legal obligations: It is about providing an appropriate standard of care.

What you need to do - Moving and handling

Legal considerations Duty of care is part of the legal term negligence and is determined by precedent previous court decisions and how the court interprets each situation. The way the court interprets the decision will depend on a range of factors and circumstances, including the following: Implications for support workers You need to be clear about the exact nature of the support to be provided and ensure that this understanding is shared by clients with whom you are working.

The organisation also has a role in ensuring that the clients you support understand your role and responsibilities and the nature of the support provided.

Your organisation will have developed workplace policies and procedures to ensure that day-to-day work practices comply with explain the effect of own role in on service provision legislation.

Personal values, belief and attitudes

It is your responsibility to follow these when working with clients. Policies and procedures Organisations develop their own policies and procedures in accordance with the relevant legislation and guidelines. These determine roles and responsibilities for support workers within the organisation, and are generally decided by others in management positions.

Policies Policies are concise statements of principles which indicate how an organisation will act in a particular area of its operation.

What determines your roles and responsibilities in the organisation?

Hence policies are statements of principle guiding decision-making and service delivery. Procedures Procedures are the methods and technologies that are used in an organisation to get things done. They determine how you should carry out policies. They may be mandatory i. Examples of policies and procedures include: