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Was france the best choice for disney

Matt Hampton Year-round sunshine, a can-do attitude, a willingness to be goofy… indeed, Goofy: Sunny Barcelona seemed the most obvious choice, following its phenomenally successful Olympics — a detail not lost on the owners of PortAventura, a rival park that opened on the Costa Dorada in 1995.

In retrospect, was France the best choice for the location of Euro-Disney? Essay Sample

And was france the best choice for disney quarter of a century on, it has not only survived but thrived. After a lacklustre start, where did it all go so right? Dropping the original name helped: EuroDisney had the pungent whiff of an EU department — the one responsible for Eurovision and twin towns. Disneyland Paris has been the official moniker since 1995. A direct service on Eurostar was the other game changer. From London to the park gates in two hours 40 minutes: And it was on this very train that my children were anticipating their first Disney experience.

In retrospect, was France the best choice for the location of Euro-Disney? Sample Essay

While eightyear-old Ava and Miles binged on films using the on-board app — and their mum, Claire, did the same — all I could do was twiddle with the free Wi-Fi and hope for the best. Space Mountain Checking was france the best choice for disney at the Disneyland Hotel was a good start. The fanciest of the six on-site options is an ersatz slice of Victoriana — what Americans call Queen Anne style and the rest of the world calls kitsch. With pre-booked tickets, we wafted straight into the spectacle of Main Street USA, which is like being miniaturised and placed inside a model of a turn-ofthe-century American town.

Under steep tiled roofs sit clapboard facades, boasting soda fountains, general stores, western outfitters and a barber shop. I loved the animatronic dragon puffing away in the dungeon, but at this point nothing could deter my children from the prospect of pure adrenalin. They were dragging was france the best choice for disney towards the rides. Plan carefully for this bit: Nothing sours the mood quite like telling your rollercoaster mad daughter she is 10cm too small for Space Mountain.

There are milder rides for younger children: Witness the live shows, the daily parade or the fireworks.

Disneyland Paris turns 25 – so how did Mickey's magic win over the aloof French?

Meeting Mickey was the one thing my was france the best choice for disney just could not be bothered to queue for. Princesses such as Cinderella or Elsa, however, exchange the most basic of pleasantries — Hello!

Later this month, a new princess may eclipse them all: Space Mountain relaunches as Hyperspace Mountain tomorrow — essentially the same ride, but with different sound and light effects. The Adventures Continue is a tour through what geeks call the Extended Universe.


Much like rides, the park has its ups and downs. Getting through the gates is quick, getting onto the bigger rides is not. The coffee is bad, even by French standards, and the food expensive, even by British ones. Surely this was revenge on perfidious Albion. For dinner, we made a quick Brexit instead to Chessy, effectively a Disney suburb, with pubs and restaurants and a Metro link to the city.

The RER line takes just 40 minutes from here to the city centre, so you could plan a more was france the best choice for disney finale should you wish.