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The importance of safety and design of a car

Car Safety Car Safety Car safety is very important to reduce the occurrence of vehicle accidents and its consequences.

A broader scope of car safety which is road traffic safety broadly includes the roadway design. Seat belts One of the first car safety measures incorporated into the cars is the use of seat belts as well as padded dashboards.

Sleek Car vs. Safe Car

Great changes in road an automobile designs have significantly reduced injury and death rates worldwide. However, automobile accidents have still been the leading cause of injuries and death in most countries.

A three-point seatbelt Car safety also pertains to necessary car safety features. This is incorporated in your car to protect you and other passengers from injury and death during a collision or crash.

Automakers wrestle with design and safety features

Modern safety belts or seat belts which form part of car safety devices are now provided with pre-tensioners that tighten the safety belt in case of a crash. The seat belts are also provided with load limiters that control passenger movement during a crash.

Air bag An airbag is also considered a very important car safety feature which prevents you and other vehicle occupants from colliding with hard portions of the car during moderate and even severe crashes. Airbags have evolved through the years for improved reliability.

Understanding Safety Features.

Other kinds of airbags included in new vehicles are driver knee airbag. Pre-crash system A pre-crash system is an important car safety unit that detects an impending crash and automatically activates the safety devices such as safety belt pre-tensioners. A rollover occupant protection system detects the rollover situation prior to deployment of an inflatable curtain.

Rollover enabled airbags are made to maintain an inflated state after a collision for about five seconds.

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Car seat The vehicle seat is designed to respond to rearward contacts by the forward advancement of the head restraint. The seat may also be designed to perform other actions to minimize the risk of whiplash type injuries.

An automatic emergency call system alerts of emergency services when a severe crash takes place. A brake assist system reliably detects a fast brake application of the driver and generates an emergency braking assistance in response to a positive sensing of the fast braking action.

An anti-lock braking system avoids the individual wheels from being locked up during heavy braking or when braking on slippery surfaces to assist the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle in such instances.

Car Safety

Car tires Vehicle tires must also be monitored frequently to ensure safe travel at all times. A tire pressure monitoring device detects whether a tire pressure has dropped to values below the designated pressure. The monitoring device alerts the driver when such drop in tire pressure is detected.