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The different businesses of the united states of america

However, there are some essential points that could be a deal breaker with an American. Here are ten communication tips for if you are planning to or are already doing business with Americans. Results matter in the States. Therefore, if you are doing business or even if you are applying for a the different businesses of the united states of america job, remember to sell yourself and your achievements.

The United States is an individualistic culture, not a group culture. Therefore, heroes are often revered in American culture. Compare this to a more collective culture like Japan. How many of you can name a famous Japanese CEO? The US is a short-term orientated culture unlike Germany or China. On the whole Americans are more direct than the British, however, more indirect than the Dutch.

American culture is not often comfortable with silence, unlike Scandinavian or Japanese culture. American culture tends to value generalists rather than specialists.

In the USA, results and experience matter, less so your background, age and your connections. American culture is comfortable with uncertainty.

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For example, the agenda for a meeting is the starting point for discussion and does not need to be stuck to rigidly as in other countries e. This ease with uncertainty means that flexibility and adapting to constant change is valued in the United States. American working hours tend to be longer than in Europe, so a breakfast meeting at 7 can be common as is a business dinner meeting at 8pm in the same day.

10 tips for doing business in the United States

Americans the different businesses of the united states of america tend to take fewer vacation days than Europeans. Interested in following language training at Regina Coeli? The Regina Coeli method ensures that you learn to speak a foreign language quickly and effectively. Our highly qualified trainers teach you the skills, vocabulary and grammar that you need for your specific situation so you can immediately start communicating in the language.

Do you require more information? Nearly all of them are far too long. This wastes time, while energy has to be spent in looking for the essential points. I ask my colleagues and their staff to see to it that their reports are shorter.