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Role played by students in implementing national integration

Ways And Means of National Integration

India is still a land of mass illiteracy. Adult education programmes should be organized while keeping in view the role played by students in implementing national integration of national consciousness and national solidarity. True secularism is not opposed to religious and moral teaching rather secularism implies true religion and morality. Role of Teacher in National Integration Teacher should play an very effective role for the promotion of national integration.

Only national minded teacher can strengthen the spirit of unity and the idea of compositeness. A teacher can make the following contributions: He influences the students by his behavior.

He should have a national outlook and reflect national consciousness, actions, conduct and behavior so that the students may receive the message of national integration. He should be impartial and treat his students equally without distinction of castesex, creed, colour and religion etc. He should do whatever he says. There should be no difference in saying and doing.

The history of His country, its cities, its rivers, its songs, its people etc. History, civics and geography, literature, art and music should be taught from the national point of view. Conclusion National Integration is vital for India's survival. It is the cry of the moment.

The country must mobilize all its resources to evolve a concrete national programme. The future of the nation is dark unless a high national character of the people is developed Related Articles Teacher Education And Its Importance In this article, I have given information about present trend in education in India. In this article, I have also mentioned about good qualities of an ideal teacher.

Ways And Means To Achieve National Integration And Role Of Teacher To Promote National Integration

I have also presented that what types of aspects that should be examined by teacher education. In this article, I have presented the courses of teaching education at diploma and degree levels. Importance of a teacher in the society and information of education In this resource, I have specified the importance of teacher. I have given some rules regarding to RTE in this article.


In this article, one can find the details of coming DSC also. I have mentioned the loss of education to students during the period of strike by teachers. Teachers Our Unsung Heros This is little dedication to all my teachers who taught me unconditionally and made me a wonderful human being as I am today. I don't have words to thank them when my teachers said"we believe in you, you will definitely make it bigger". I am so proud of my teachers that in this lifetime I will do anything to make them role played by students in implementing national integration that they are and will always be a special person in my life.