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Research papers on consumer behaviour towards big bazaar

Abstract Customer satisfaction always helps to enhance the market share. In consumer goods industry various parameters are available to judge the satisfaction of customer towards the product, but in the case of service industry only quality of the service derives the level of satisfaction. This study attempt to identify the expectations and satisfactions towards the Big Bazaar store at Baroda with the help of service quality dimensions. For the purpose of study samples are considered to pool up the research papers on consumer behaviour towards big bazaar by structured questionnaire.

The study results that the satisfaction level towards Big Bazaar is positive but the expectation level is greater than as compared to satisfaction level. Service quality dimensions, customer expectation, customer satisfaction, Big Bazaar. Retailing is such a common part of our everyday lives that we often just take it for granted. Retail managers make complex decisions in selecting their target markets and retail locations; determining what merchandise and services research papers on consumer behaviour towards big bazaar offers; negotiating with suppliers; distributing merchandise to stores; training and motivating sales associates; and deciding how to price, promote, and present merchandise.

Considerable skill and knowledge are required to make these decisions effectively. Working in this highly competitive, rapidly changing environment is both challenging and exciting, and it offers significant financial rewards. The distribution of finished products begins with the producer and ends at the ultimate consumer.

Between the two of them there is a middle person — the Retailer. Retailing is defined as a set activities or sell a products or a service to consumers for their personal or family use.

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It is responsible for matching individual demands of the consumer with supplies of all the manufacturers. Not all retailing is done in stores. Examples of non- store retailing in products sales are Flipkart.

The world over retail business is dominated by small family-run chains and regionally targeted store. In an era of globalization, liberalization, and a highly aware customer, a retailer is required to make a conscious effort to positon himself distinctively to face the competition. This is determined to a great extent by the retail mix strategy followed by a company to sell its research papers on consumer behaviour towards big bazaar.

In India, the retail sector is the second largest employer after agriculture. It is highly fragmented and consists predominantly of small, independent, and owned- managed shops.


Besides, the country is also dotted with low-cost kiosks and pushcarts. There are some 12 million retail outlets of which nearly 5 million sell food and related products. More and more players are venturing into the retail business with new and attractive formats, such as malls, supermarkets, discount stores, departmental stores, transforming altogether the traditional bookstores, chemist shops, and furnishing stores.

Simultaneously, organized retail which at present accounts for 4 percent of the total market is likely to increase its share to 22 percent by The 30 million sq.

At presents 40 percent of malls are concentrated in the smaller cities. In the context of retail service the model is based on following five dimensions: Tangibles dimension is all about the appearance of the physical facilities and material relayed at retail outlet. Big Bazaar is the largest hypermarket chain in India. Big Bazaar was launched in September, With opening of its first four research papers on consumer behaviour towards big bazaar in Kolkata, Indore, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

Currently, there are stores across 90 cities and town in India covering around 16 million sq. Big bazaar was launched mainly as a fashion format selling apparel, cosmetics, accessories and general merchandise. Over the research papers on consumer behaviour towards big bazaar, the retail chain has included in its portfolio a wide range of products and services, ranging from grocery to electronics.

In Bangalore city alone, there are 12 branches. Moreover, the customer friendly ambience and the organized retailing of products also make Big Bazaar one of the successful retail companies in India. It offers all time discounts and promotional avenues to its customers. A Case Study of Big Bazaar, rise in income of the consumers along with research papers on consumer behaviour towards big bazaar effect of modern culture the purchasing power of the people has increased.

Shopping has become more and entertainment than a utility aspect for people. It also reflects that occupation and income of the consumers has greater impact on the frequent visit of them to organized retail outlets like big bazaar. Apart from store ambience features like service, cost and availability of products drag the interest of the consumers that induce the preference to shop at big bazaar.

A Study of Consumer Behaviour towards Organized Retail Big Bazaar is preferred by its patrons for its pricing strategies followed by variety. One of the major reasons for this is the high proportion of students and youngsters who are dependent on their parents for their incomes.

Most of the customers are satisfied with the quality of service provided by the organized retail outlets. To study the consumer expectations and satisfactions of Big Bazaar Store in Baroda.

To learn and understand the important factors of the satisfying consumers. To suggest measures for improving the quality and efficiency of Big Bazaar Store.

The research was made by use of both Primary Data as well as Secondary Data. The primary data was collected from the customers of the Big Bazaar.

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research papers on consumer behaviour towards big bazaar The secondary data was collected from publishing by search engine, newspapers, books, magazines, journals, websites and other relevant information.

This research study provides suggestions on improving the standard, services and quality of the Big Bazaar Store. This research study helps to understand the Consumers expectations and satisfactions towards Big Bazaar services.

The study aims on buying decisions selected respondents from the consumer of Big Bazaar in Selected city called Baroda. The data is obtained from the customer survey. The survey is carried out in Big Bazaar store located at Baroda and a sample size of this study was respondents from the population selected randomly. Primary Data Inte rpretation: As per shown in above table demographic profile of respondents were classified according to their gender, age group, marital status, types of the family, occupations, number of earning person in family and average annual income.

In addition following criteria is used for analysis part: Overall Mean Score 3. All the mean quality gap scores are negative Employees of Big Bazaar are willing to help 3. Employees of Big Bazaar give prompt 3. Employees of Big Bazaar are able to handle 3. Employees of Big Bazaar gives correct 3. The overall mean quality gap score is It shows that the overall expectation is high as compare to satisfaction level.

Employees of Big Bazaar are well qualified 3. Employees of Big Bazaar are trustworthy 3. The mean quality gap score of all the parameters are negative. Employees of Big Bazaar give research papers on consumer behaviour towards big bazaar 3. Employees of Big Bazaar understand the need 3. Big Bazaar has sufficient moving place. All the mean quality gap scores are negative, which shows customers are not satisfied at this dimension and the overall gap score is This means the improvement required in this dimension.

Following hypothesis has been tested: Big Bazaar store should provide large parking space for its customers so that they can easily park their vehicles. The parking place nowadays is most attractive element.

Consumer behavior towards big bazaar

Thus, though customer satisfaction does not guarantee repurchase on the part of the customers but still it plays a very important part in ensuring customer loyalty and retention.

Therefore, organizations should always strive to ensure that their customers are very satisfied. And this study it is founded that the customers are not satisfied as customers expected. In this paper the gap has research papers on consumer behaviour towards big bazaar identified between expectation and satisfaction towards Big Bazaar store.

The gap can be easily removed by improving the service quality. Jan pp Amet Journal of Management, July — Decpp nd 7.