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Exploring the emotions portrayed in sherwood andersons story hands

Whatsoever, my topic of concern is the source of his character.

Considering my view that Wing Biddlebaum is a reflection of Sherwood Anderson, that he either consciously or unconsciously designed, I will try to provide reasons for my perception in this research paper.

Wing Biddlebaum was an inspiration for young people as he encouraged them to dream big. This characteristic is a reflection of Anderson in his past life. Anderson was an inspiration for his son.

Character Sketch of Wing Biddlebaum From Sherwood Anderson's "Hands."

While his seventeen year old son, John, went away to complete his education, his father sent him letters of advice.

In the first one of the two letters that Popova has collected in her article, Anderson told his son how arts as a subject could bring more satisfaction and at the same time how it could give a man an uncertain and a difficult life. The way in which Anderson inspired John, Adolph inspired the boys who were on their way to build a future just like him. He used exploring the emotions portrayed in sherwood andersons story hands adore them in a fatherly manner and made them dream to have a brighter future.

The way in which Adolph talked to the young boys, caressed through their hair and stroke their shoulders, helped them visualize the concept of life and its opportunities that Anderson did in the letters to his young son. Exploring the emotions portrayed in sherwood andersons story hands was also an inspiration for young William Faulkner. These attributes that Anderson had received as a mentor or advisor expressed his seniority at his attempt to make the youth more familiar with reality.

During those times, Irwin had experienced many extremes as he had to march, starve and his camp was often under fire, however, the worst was the streaking winter. James Anderson was a cheerful and honest man who loved to tell stories and always looked forward to positivity exploring the emotions portrayed in sherwood andersons story hands life.

He had less belief in money than in the happiness rewarded from living a comfortable and easy life. Therefore, the humor of the story-teller and the complexity of the soldier made up and tied the bag of tales for Sherwood at an early age. It is not possible for a man to inspire youth from his own experiences alone because the art of advising, informing and communicating makes a big difference. However, there are only few who know the way in which each and every experience and advice shall be communicated and only for this reason, it is necessary for one to listen and to learn from the elders.

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Since, Exploring the emotions portrayed in sherwood andersons story hands had heard tales from his father and grandfather, and grew up with the art of telling stories and advising young men, he could truly inspire and accordingly formed an inspirational quality within the fictional character of Wing Biddlebaum.

Wing Biddlebaum was an example of a person with high morale. He was humble because he was never exploring the emotions portrayed in sherwood andersons story hands to be rude or proud about his qualities of good teaching or good berry picking. For this reason, he had never showed aggression towards the people in Pennsylvania who had mistreated him after believing in lies that the half-witted boy had made up against him.

Whereas, a man who gets beaten up and thrown away from his home town due to false accusations is bound to react to it. If not during the moment when he was getting assaulted but maybe afterwards in his life by expressing anger, annoyance or outrage in behavior; that Biddlebaum never did. This can either be articulated as quality or deficiency. Similarly, it can be called deficiency because wise men are supposed to stand up against the wrong doers, which Biddlebaum did not do.

So, it can be guessed that Anderson was extremely fascinated about modest personality and at the same time enjoyed to perceive an influential personality to be patient, for example Biddlebaum; which might have been the result for his past experiences, conversations and contact with certain kinds of people in his life. Besides, high morale made Wing Biddlebaum to be a good friend to George Willard.

Yet, with George Willard life was still exploring the emotions portrayed in sherwood andersons story hands. He had also inspired and encouraged George Willard as he loved him a lot. He scolded him too so that he did not lose his focus in his dreams by concerning about the townspeople and their opinions. Moreover, Biddlebaum never expressed the pain and embarrassment that he had been through in Pennsylvania and instead continued inspiring his friend to dream to live a brighter future.

This is because, when Biddlebaum had talked and explained his words to anyone, he used his hands.

His hands unintentionally touched the one he used to talk to and he continued to touch them and stroke them in a fatherly manner without any further notice. However, Wing Biddlebaum never expressed his belief in himself exploring the emotions portrayed in sherwood andersons story hands anyone else, instead he remained afraid and nervous about himself and his hands as he believed that they were the reason for his struggle and pain.

Thus, he continued to focus on his new job of berry picking. Winesburg was proud of exploring the emotions portrayed in sherwood andersons story hands hands because Biddlebaum could pick one-fourth of a gallon of berries in one day. Hence, as a berry picker, Biddlebaum was very dedicated to his work just as he was as a teacher in Pennsylvania. He did not have any special way of doing things rather, he had never lost focus on his current job as he was a berry picker for twenty years in Winesburg.

He wanted his son to practice his favorite task and be good at it without any pride. Therefore, this was highlighted in the character of Biddlebaum who despite of his success at work did not try to prove his dedication or achievements and neither did he claim justice in the name of his hard work. Finally, the character sketch of Wing Biddlebaum in light of Sherwood Anderson includes the aspects of inspirational conduct, moral authority and work dedication.

Hence, discovering the effects of past life of the author on Wing Biddlebaum has given me the opportunity to master the importance of connections.