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Dialogues between two friends on terrorism in english

I am fine and dialogues between two friends on terrorism in english I am fine too. But I am somewhat worried about a matter. Could you please let me know in detail? That's the dirty student politics prevailing in our country. Yes, I have understood it well. I am now a university student. Our academic progress are sometimes badly affected by this student politics. Yes, we can in no way support what is happening now in the name of student politics across the country.

But it is true that our student politics had a glorious role in the language movement and our war of liberation. But you can't surely support it prevailing across the country.

Write a dialogue between two friends talking about terrorism?

Most of the student leaders are now corrupted and involved in illegal activities. You are absolutely right.

The corrupt politicians are misguiding and misleading our students. They are using the student leaders as their weapons. But our students can't realize this unfortunately.

Anarchy and terrorism are taking place in the educational institutions due to student politics. Yes, some students with brilliant career are spoiling their life owing to politics. I think it is time to ban student politics for ever for the betterment of the country. I agree with you on this point. Thank you very much for your valuable opinion on student politics. You are most welcome.