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A creative story about working in a bistro

Closer to home, Committee chef de cuisine Geoff Lukas died unexpectedly in October. Unlike other industries where work-life balance has become essential telecommute!

Oh, boo-hoo, you might say. Many jobs are stressful. Long hours for little money. But here, perfectionism meets hedonism in harsh ways. Not everywhere, of course; there are more than 15,000 food and beverage operations in Massachusetts and many are undoubtedly lovely places to work. Yet restaurant culture has brutal origins: A bad temper was considered a sign of toughness, commitment, and originality.

And tolerating admonishment was a character-building experience, not a human resources nightmare. Restaurants are creative and artistic communities with a higher tolerance for eccentric behavior.

Others can crack without support. One missing line cook out sick, and the kitchen loses its rhythm. Social media has made working conditions more tense. Restaurants can crumble after a nasty Yelp! At a traditional job, only you and maybe your boss might know that you screwed up. A mediocre meal can ripple across social media in real time, with real consequences. Although Massachusetts requires full-time workers to carry insurance, mental health coverage varies.

Oftentimes, visits are only partially reimbursed and can be prohibitively expensive. Nobody I a creative story about working in a bistro with for a creative story about working in a bistro story knew of any industry-specific support group.

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They do not get treated. They either ignore it, they drink, or they go to church. Will I be labeled? Should I just get over it? Unlike a true disability, should I be able to change it? Therein lies the problem: Geoff [Lukas] was happy, proud.

The restaurant was his happy place. Partying is part of the culture more so than, say, at an accounting firm. For a hedonism primer, read anything by Anthony Bourdain. A quick fix, maybe, but an easy way to crash and burn. Many flee restaurants entirely a creative story about working in a bistro work at universities or for corporations or in food sales, where the hours are predictable and the lifestyle is simpler.

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But there are signs of change, she says. For instance, the Barbara Lynch Gruppo began offering mental health counseling through an employee assistance plan called ESI after the death of a co-worker in 2013. Counselors are available around the clock, essential for workers with odd hours. The response has been positive. The climate might have to change in order to attract and retain this new generation.