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The four main subjects in the taming of the shrew by william shakespeare

This comedy deals with a complexity of issues like gender, the importance of social hierarchy, and conformity in marriage. Raucous Fun The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare will have you laughing from the beginning of the first act all the way through to the last word spoken.

We meet two fated couples and a myriad of other characters where discussion of a 'woman's place,' and the purpose of marriage comes up a lot.

Illustration of The Taming of the Shrew Major Themes This charming, witty comedy has more going on than first meets the eye.

The Taming of the Shrew Summary

What appears to be a play about finding the perfect marriage partner is also a play that takes a serious look at issues like gender and the so-called 'importance' of social class. Reasons for Marriage Each of the principal players have different opinions about marriage and the benefits of taking a wife.

Petruchio makes no bones about the fact that he has come seeking a wife that comes from money. He is clear about equating money to happiness. He is not as vulgar about the need for a wealthy wife as Petruchio, but he comes very close. She is searching for love and does not want to be a part of a deal. She instead finds love in Lucentio, who has gone to great lengths to get to know her.

Baptista, the father of Katherine and Bianca, plays the merchant, working to get the best 'price' for his daughters. While Lucentio must convince Baptista that he is wealthy in order to be given permission to marry Bianca, he believes his efforts have been worth it.

Hortensio is left to marry a widow because he would rather have someone the four main subjects in the taming of the shrew by william shakespeare no one.

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The play is a look at marriage from all points of view: Gender Gender also plays a dramatic role. In the main action of the play, we watch Petruchio as he attempts to get Katherine to conform to typical wifely duties. He wants her to be the traditional submissive wife, and at first she wants no part of it. Bianca seems to take to the traditional role, while Kate rebels and for most of the play is insulted and chastised because of her willful behavior.

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In the end, the men are engaged in a lively discussion about who is ruled by their wife, and therefore has given up his manhood. We also see that Bianca and the widow may not be the best examples of the traditional wife as we were led to believe.

Kate is given in marriage to Petruchio without consideration for her feelings, further emphasizing the lack of importance given to women's preferences.

The four main subjects in the taming of the shrew by william shakespeare see the value of women when Petruchio says, 'Thus in plain terms: Social Hierarchy The importance of social hierarchy looms large.

While women may not have much say in the outcome of their lives, they are still higher up the social ladder than servants. But in this play, things are not always as they seem.