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Supply chain process for the electric fans at riordan

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Operations — Supply Chain Hangzhou, China2014. This marginal decrease in involuntary turnovers indicates Riordan is maintaining a stable workforce. Process Flow Diagrams Diagram 1. The cash conversion cycle attempts to measure the amount of time each net input dollar is tied up in the production and sales process before it is converted to cash through customer sales Cash Conversion Cycle CCC Definition Investopedia, 2014. Riordan also uses Post Project Review to identify positive and negative trends in their processes.

Riordan uses data from manufacturing operations to identify system inefficiencies to implement change and increase effectiveness.

Riordan Manufacturing Supply Chain Design Essay Paper

Supplier Relationship and the Effects on the Supply Chain The two major inputs needed to manufacture the Riordan electric fan are electric fan motors and high-density polyethylene plastic pellets HDPE. Riordan has identified three potential supplier concerns that could hinder the supply chain.

Riordan supply chain and operational design

Second, an article that accompanying the fax indicated 400 laborers at the Yin Motor Company are on strike. This strike could possibly affect the financial stability of the Yin Motor Company. To address these concerns, Riordan should negotiate with its Chinese partners to obtain rights to directly work with suppliers.

Riordan Manufacturing: Supply Chain Design Paper Essay

It can do this by insuring its Chinese partners they will maintain the relationship between the Chinese plant and the Yin Motor Company. Riordan then can work directly with the Yin Motor Company to improve their labor situation and increase their on-time deliveries.

Lean Production Principles To maximize the efficiency and effectiveness at Riordan, a make-to-stock process is used.

Riordan fan manufacturing supply chain team

Filling customer orders as received from finished goods inventory and maintaining a small inventory on hand reduces gaps in seasonal fluctuations at Riordan. Forging a strong alliance with Chinese supply chain partners will increase quality and volume of the products.

This facilitates aggregate planning and production scheduling in anticipation of customer demand and product positioning at decoupling points along its global supply chain.

Although Riordan uses 3-year average sales data to forecast, only 2005 one-year sales invoices were available. A linear regression with trend decomposition technique was used.

Riordan manufacturing lean production for supply chain process for the electric fans at riordan

This is based on the intended time horizon 12 months and 12 months of sales data. Figure 1 plots the average electric supply chain process for the electric fans at riordan sales by quarter for 2005. The figure revealed both linear and seasonal trends and justifies the decision to provide a medium-term forecast, as this allows capturing seasonal effects which are useful in identifying major turning points.

Average Units of Electric Fans Sold by Quarter of 2005 Sales Forecast Electric fan sales are driven by dependent demand of the products, and sale of appliances are influenced by housing market strength.

supply chain process flowchart for riordan manufacturing

However, our forecast indicates a decrease in sales for 2006.