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What are the characteristics of a good leader toefl essay

After reading the question, they have 30 minutes to write a unified and organized essay about the topic.


Test takers should spend the first three minutes planning and making a rough outline and leave 3 minutes in the end to edit their work. This writing task is from page 498 of the Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL and was written within the 30-minute time limit during a writing exercise.

Essay on characteristics of a good leader

Note the answer to the question in the introduction, the unified body paragraphs explaining the answer, and the conclusion that reiterates but doesn't simply repeat the thesis statement. What are the characteristics of a good leader? Give reasons and examples to support your response.

I believe a good leader must be able to motivate his followers to accomplish each of their tasks the best way they know how. Second, I think a good leader must make his followers feel they are vital parts of the team and that their contributions are crucial in helping what are the characteristics of a good leader toefl essay team succeed. If a leader is able to accomplish these, he'll have a higher likelihood of succeeding in whatever task is at hand.

It's important for a leader to make a conscious effort to motivate his workers and make sure that everyone in his team is in the right mindset to accomplish a task because the success of the entire group depends on it.

Characteristics Of A Good Leader Essay

Individuals can easily stray from the task in many ways. They can suddenly come up with an idea that is different from the original concept and start to move in a different direction without even realizing it. The leader should monitor this, evaluate the situation, and lead this worker back on track. In addition, workers can feel unenergetic or uncreative at times. A leader should be able to detect this and quickly remedy the situation in order to positively move the project in the right direction and what are the characteristics of a good leader toefl essay everyone's work output.

This can be done by having an informal chat with these individuals and informally reminding them of the importance of their contribution and the importance of their dedication to the project.

Second, a leader must make everyone feel that they are an integral part of what are the characteristics of a good leader toefl essay team. Workers who feel disenfranchised can easily act in ways or move in directions that pull the entire group in the wrong direction. A leader has to show that he values everyone's input and make everyone feel that they are able to voice his or her opinion to a listening ear.

This approachability not only allows workers to feel secure and valued at work, it also makes the workplace a pleasant environment where everyone is ready to do his or her best. Having these leadership qualities will help the leader maintain a high morale among workers, and workers who feel good about their jobs and the work they are doing are more likely to give it their best effort.

In the end, the result is a successful team accomplishing tasks with superior quality.