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Things that will cause a car accident essay

Traffic accidents Traffic accidents is the main reason for the increase in deaths in our world. This project talks about car accidents.

In first part I will talk about the definition of car accident. Then I write about the causes and effects of accidents. After that, I will write about several ways to reduce it. Then, I will write about car accidents in Oman. Finally, the project end with some conclusion. Also, it is defined as an accident occurs that causes injury for people and sometimes causes damage to the cars.

Some drivers complain about the bad location of roadways. Also, some roads have one direction. Some drivers becomes distracted, because of using phone like: Some people drink cup of coffee while driving. Roadway maintenance can cause accidents. The accident can happened, when the driver increase the speed of the car.

Things that will cause a car accident essay that, the road be dangerous. Also, the fog makes the driving is difficult because the driver cannot see the cars and roads. In addition, the cars in the streets are things that will cause a car accident essay in these days. Therefore, anywhere and anytime the accidents can happen. For example, when we lose people who love in accidents, we feel sad.

In addition, some drivers feel fear because they cannot forget the accident.

Car accident essays

There are some ways to prevent car accidents which are: Drivers should focus when they drive. Also, they should be attention about others cars.

That is because there are some car accidents happen because they were distracted. Secondly, control Speed of car. That is because high speed is one reason of car accidents. So drivers should slow down. Thirdly, drivers should avoid using radio, phone or any electronic devices when they driving. That is because when using these electronic devices while driving, drivers cannot focus at the road.

Fourthly, drivers should eat at home. That is because some drivers drinking or eating in their cars. Because they cannot be attention. Many accidents occur when they drink it. Drivers who drink alcohol cannot control their cars and then cause accident, and may some people are killed. Sixthly, drivers should get enough sleep. For example, one of my friend was happen to him car accident because he was not get enough sleep.

So the police increase the fines because people do not obey the rules of police. Also, the police put many cameras on the road to take pictures of cars which are speeding up.

For example, some drivers speed up their cars and pass the red lights. In addition, Oman is one of countries that suffering from car accidents. A lot of people died and lost loved ones in these painful accidents.

There are different causes of accidents in Oman. Also, some of them think the seatbelts is useless, so they sometimes do not wear it. Moreover, they usually use their phone in the car like talking or texting messages. Some of them feel happy when they speed up their cars.

Therefore, the police put several cameras near roads to see cars that speed up. Also, there are some traffic lights to organize the movement of cars on the road. In conclusion, If the occurrence of car accidents things that will cause a car accident essay decreased, our world will change to the better. Car accidents happen suddenly at any time.

Also, it leave a big pains for people especially, for the families. As we know, we cannot solve the problem of accidents by Fines only. That is because some drivers only slow down the speed of car in the front of the camera.

After that, they return the speeding again. So I advise all drivers to be honesty when drive cars. Also, they should try together to prevent traffic accidents in order to save our lives.

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