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Short essay on if i were a pencil

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The earliest instruments for making marks other than pen and ink on parchment, papyrus, or vellum was a metal stylus scratching into a wax-coated tablet. Codex, the Latin word for tree trunk, came to be used for the wax-coated wood tablet that became the precursor to the modern book. The sharp metal stylus short essay on if i were a pencil also a weapon in Roman times. Slate pencils continued to be sold in America into the late 19th Century. The mixtures of metals used for the stylus evolved, and eventually alloys of lead with tin, bismuth and mercury were developed.

Styluses of two parts lead, one part tin became known as plummets.

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Plummets also continued to be used into the 19th century in America, alongside pencils, goose-quills, and pens. The earliest known description of a wood-cased lead pencil dates from a 1565 book on fossils by Konrad Gesner: Local lore tells of a fierce storm In Cumberland, England, which uprooted a large ash tree some versions of the story say oakwhere shepherds discovered a strange black substance clinging to its roots.

The locals quickly discovered this to be very useful for marking their sheep, and then gradually its application for writing was developed. By the end of the 16th Century graphite was well known throughout Europe for its superior line-making qualities, its eraseability, and the ability to re-draw on top of it with ink, which is not possible with lead or short essay on if i were a pencil.

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The substance was initially called Wadd, and also became known as white lead, black lead, bleiweiss, grafio piombino, bismuth, and plumbago. The Borrowdale deposit remains the only large scale deposit of graphite ever short essay on if i were a pencil in this solid form. One writer of the time commented on the pleasures of taking notes with the new material: In a 1704 essay Thomas Robinson explains: Its natural Uses are both Medicinal and Mechanical.

First they beat it small into Meal and then take as much of it in white Wine, or Ale, as will lie upon a sixpence, or more, if distemper require it. It operates by Urine, Sweat, and Vomiting.

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The wood assembly could then be used in this square shape, or shaved to a round form. The wood cases of early American Pencils were made from Eastern Red Cedar, a strong splinter-resistant wood growing in the Southeast. As the desire for the pencil grew, the graphite mine in Borrowdale strictly controlled the amounts mined yearly, and populations outside of England had to search for their own alternatives.

Deposits of inferior quality and purity on Continental Europe, and the need to conserve the pure Borrowdale graphite, led to the development of mixing the graphite with additives. At first the crucibles were the main and profitable business, but in 1866 Dixon patented a wood-planing machine capable of producing wood for 132 pencils per minute, and by 1873 short essay on if i were a pencil Dixon graphite mixing process had improved.

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These innovations proved timely, as the demand for pencils grew exponentially with the Civil War. By the end of the 19th century over 240,000 pencils were used each day in the US. Pencil sales in the United States increased 6. Each year, they produce an estimated 1. Placed point-to-eraser, those 1 billion No.