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Recession and the uk clothing retail marketing essay

British High Street in flux as shops close, sales fall, and visits decline. The rise of online shopping is to blame, with traditional retailers struggling to adapt. But experts say High Streets will adjust rather than disappear — expect to see more coffee shops in supermarkets, DJs in clothes stores, and other "experiences" to draw people in. A general view of a high street in Rochester, Britain, August 8, 2017.

Nothing symbolises the British love affair with retail more than the High Street: But these streets are changing. Shops are closingsales are downand fewer people are visiting. The decline of the High Street means local shops and local jobs disappearing. The number of people working in retail shop floors across Britain fell by 2.

For many people, the decline is also a blow to local communities. When I was there it was becoming empty. The internet and the dizzying rise of online shopping.

The industrial revolution pushed people to towns and cities for work recession and the uk clothing retail marketing essay there they had to rely on shops for food. Because of recession and the uk clothing retail marketing essay, people no longer had the facilities to grow food themselves or keep livestock.

It was then that market stalls became shops, with fixed prices, customer service and home deliveries to entice people in.

'There have been some big casualties and inevitably there’ll be one or two more'

London's swinging 60s were defined as much by Carnaby Street, where the young bought their trendy clothes, as by the capital's music scene. Over the years the High Street has had many ups and downs, usually in line with the economy, and the current downturn began with the financial crisis.

Springboard's data shows that High Street footfall — the number of people visiting — declined by 2. But High Streets have struggled to recover in line with the economy. Today, retailers face an assault on multiple fronts: National Living Wages and spiralling property prices are pushing up the cost of stores, while the collapse in pound post-Brexit is pushing up the recession and the uk clothing retail marketing essay of many items, and slowing consumer spending. Brits who are shopping are increasingly doing it online.

Recession is good news for McDonald

A failure to invest in digital has been blamed for their collapse. Even Next, once a High Street stalwart, is in trouble. The retailer began the year with a profit warning and analysts at Berenberg this month downgraded the recession and the uk clothing retail marketing essay "Sell", saying: Jason Shorrock, who works for JDA Software, which provides supply chain software to over 70 of the world's top 100 retailers, says: Some High Streets will contract recession and the uk clothing retail marketing essay size.

A barista makes a latte at the Harris and Hoole coffee shop inside a Tesco Extra supermarket in Watford. Sometimes they want to do it online and sometimes they want to do it in a physical store. We see the store changing itself and adjusting itself. Similarly, Sainsbury's bought catalogue retailer Argos and has begun putting concessions in its stores to give people another reason to pop in.

So they will work out, where are the right places to have our 200 stores across the UK?

'What we're seeing is a revolution': How the internet is remaking the British High Street

There are some stores that are not appropriate to current consumer demands. I would expect to see that quite a lot of High Streets will start to change and renew and become quite lively, but quite different places. All of that has breathed life into some — not all — of our High Streets. Still, while Wehrle is optimistic, ReD's Chang-McGrath believes that the recession and the uk clothing retail marketing essay of online shopping means the High Street will never occupy quite the same central part of Britain's psyche as it once did.