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Narcissism in john miltons paradise lost essay

“Paradise Lost” by John Milton/ the Transformation of Satan

Satan is a very strong and demanding character in all of the series of Paradise Lostfrom the beginning to the end. At the beginning of the poem Satan is a very kind and majestic angel, by the name of Lucifer that many follow and listen to.

In Heaven all angels are equal, loved, happy, and worship only one God. HoweverSatan wanted it to be the other way around where everyone looked up to him rather than God.

One day Satan and an army of his rebel angels decide to go to war with God and the other angels in Heaven.

The rebels and Satan begin to discuss whether or not to declare another war on Heaven. Satan does not declare another war on Heaven. His rebel lieutenant Beelzebub tells him of a new world being created which only man and animals lived.

Satan decides to pay a visit to this paradise, but he knows in order to get through paradise he needed to transform into non-human like figures. That was nothing to Satan because he would do anything to corrupt humankind. In order for Satan to get to Paradise he had to narcissism in john miltons paradise lost essay through the gates of Hell, the sentries Sin and Death, and the realm of Chaos. How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

While traveling through these places Satan goes through numerous transformations, from a humble cherub, a cormorant, a toad, and finally a snake.

Narcissism In John Milton’s Paradise Lost

He also gives birth to Sin with a burst of fire from his forehead. He has transformed into a true demon who no longer believes in the one he used to praise and worship. Satan was so demented he began to believe his own lies.

Once a powerful angel from Heaven now a narcissism in john miltons paradise lost essay demon from Hell Satan cannot even think morally. Quickly he undergoes an unexpected transformation. He disguises himself as an angel. Shortly, after being noticed Satan is then directed to earth by Uriel ,Guardian of the Sun. Then, Satan discovers The Garden of Eden.

He observes Adam and Eve discussing the forbidden Tree of Knowledge. His attempt fails, he is found and expelled from The Garden of Eden. Satan soon returns to the Garden of Eden now in the form of a serpent 4.

He succeeds at cunning Eve to eat from The Tree of Knowledge. Satan had did it, he had succeeded his goal of corrupting humankind. Need Help With Your Essay? Get Help From Professional Writer It begin to storm terribly with the rise of high passions, lust, anger, hate, mistrust, suspicion and discord. Adam and Eve were removed from The Garden of Eden and punished greatly. The paradise was lost. Satan returned to Hell in great pandemonium. In his case, everything had narcissism in john miltons paradise lost essay paid off from his many transformations to his pride and greed.

In conclusion, Satan is a strong, demanding yet evil character. However, he accomplishes his goal of corrupting humankind with many transformations which are very convenient for him because he works very well with each disguise.