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Miss evers boys portrays the emotional effects essay

Hire Writer The movie begins, placing the viewer as an observer of a 1973 U.

Miss evers boys

Senate Hearing, where we are first introduced to Miss Eunice Evers. The movie progresses throughout the course of the hearing, with testimony by Miss Evers and reminiscent scenes telling the tale of the study. In the beginning, Miss Evers firmly supports the goal of the initial plan—to provide care and treatment to those suffering from syphilis.

At this point pre-studyshe believes that the government is sending her patients, and her city, the best funding and medical support available.

Each of the men test positive for syphilis.

Miss evers boys essay

Ultimately, the funding for the initial study disintegrates. After a visit to Washington, various gentlemen confront Dr. Brodus, the head doctor in Tuskegee, with an offer for a new rationale for funding. The gentlemen explain their intentions of studying the African-American population, much like the Caucasian population in the Oslo Experiments 1891-1910.

Miss evers boys portrays the emotional effects essay

The government then reveals the true nature of the experiment—the proposed study of untreated African-Americans dealing with syphilis. She is torn, but yet continues to help Dr. Brodus conduct the study. As 6-months turns into years, Miss Evers continues to hide the secret behind the study.

Miss Ever’s Boys Film critique Essay

She urges the men to continue the study, in hope of future treatment—treatment that never comes, even through the eventual availability of penicillin. With the journey, however, comes a tumultuous story, exposing the hypocrisy of the United States Government through the eyes of Eunice Evers. Throughout the movie, as an audience, we want Miss Evers to defy all conventions and simply provide the necessary medicine to the patients.

Yet, she struggles throughout with the pros and cons of such a decision.

Ms evers boys essay

On one hand, she wants to support the experiment; yet, on the other, she wants to protect and comfort her friends. How to cite this page Choose cite format: