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Essay smoking should be banned in public

As a health and physical educator, I feel the need to weigh in on this topic. As you might expect, I support smoking bans with few reservations.

Smoking Should Be Banned In All Public Places

Here are five reasons why. Secondhand smoke has serious negative health consequences. I do care that your behavior affects the health of others. Unlike other self-indulgent behaviors like eating fast food or drinking alcohol in public, secondhand smoke is not singularly linked to the participant.

Whereas eating fast food for every meal or excessive alcohol consumption is likely harmful to the individual, the negative impact on others is minimal.

Smoking should be banned in all public places

Some may argue that eating too much fast food may cause an earlier death and the associated increased cost of medical care is a burden on the taxpayer. While probably true, the link is weaker, less immediate essay smoking should be banned in public less measurable than the one between secondhand smoke and health.

While the exact degree of harm is debatable, a recent study published in the medical journal Circulation reviewed 13 studies from around the world and found that banning smoking in public places can reduce heart attack hospitalizations by up to 36 percent over time, regardless of geographical location. The scientific evidence that links secondhand smoke with heart disease and cancer has been mounting for decades.

Not only that, the effects of temporary exposure to smoke are also well documented and include headaches, breathing problems, and even nausea.

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The bottom line is that secondhand smoke has numerous short-term and long-term consequences for innocent bystanders. The evidence is there, littering attractive buildings and the surrounding landscape with cigarette butts.

A smoking ban would reduce litter.

Although not a primary argument in support of a public smoking ban, it is still a credible one. The lingering odor of stale cigarettes.

In bars and restaurants and other establishments that permit smoking, many patrons find the smell of cigarettes to be unpleasant and annoying. Clothes worn to a smoky bar may still smell like smoke days later. The right to a healthy workplace.

Smoking Should Be Banned in Public Places Essay

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe and healthy environment for its employees. While many workers choose to work in workplaces that permit smoking, others may prefer not to be around smoke essay smoking should be banned in public persist because they need the employment. The cost of secondhand smoke. But there also are smoking medical costs.

For example, a smoker with poor lung function may have much higher medical bills because of the smoking habit.

Smokers also pay more for life insurance and health insurance than nonsmokers, because of their higher risk of health care costs. Smoking lowers the potential resale value of home and cars, because most buyers are not interested in purchasing a house or car that smells like cigarettes.

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Not to mention the cost to businesses and taxpayers to beautify streets, buildings and other public places that have been littered and damaged by smoking.

These are some of the hidden costs of smoking. React to this story: