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Essay on why not to be late

Luna Belle Holland This is a short little one-shot of course essay I wrote for fun.

Late At Night Essay

It was for a class and I wonder if you can hint the sarcasm? There are a million reasons why! Class and school are both very important things in a young child's life. Well, if I think so, why was I late?

Always Late? How To Be On Time — For Real

I was late because I neglected to make sure and plan ahead so I wouldn't be late. I was being very irresponsible. You should not be late for class for many reasons, as I mentioned above.

One of those reasons is that, when you are late you could miss very valuable things that you might need in your class later on. Education is a very nice gift.

We shouldn't abuse it. Education like this will help us in various different ways, and it will last a lifetime. Being late to class also results in habits. If I am late to class once, I might be again. So it's better not to be late at all, or at least very seldom. Essay on why not to be late do not want me to end up being late all the time. That would result in me missing even more stuff about class.

Plus, why be late when it is just going to result in getting and trouble, having to write an essay, and cause trouble in my life? I mean, its much easier to wait to go the bathroom later, or carry my stuff for my next period with me and talk to my friends after school, than to go through all of this again! I mean I will run out of things to write about, and that's not good.

I am not complaining about essay on why not to be late essay or this consequence at all. I am a young adult; I need to start learning how to be one. I do not regret being late and being given this assignment. I do not regret it, because I realize I learn for my mistakes better than not doing them. I am not saying I will go out and smoke marijuana just to prove to myself its essay on why not to be late, I am just saying I am glad I have learned why not to be late to class, and hopefully next time I will be more responsible.

I cannot promise you that it will not happen again, because mistakes happen and things happen, I am only human. But I will promise you that I have learned my lesson and I will be more responsible next time and more prepared. Hopefully, I will not be late anymore or anytime soon. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.