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Essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents

We seldom get opportunities to thank our parents in public. But there may be events and occasions or any kind of celebration when you essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents want to show your gratitude towards your parents. If you ever wondered how to thank parents through speech; these thank you speeches for parents would help you leave a strong impact on the audience and your parents too.

Our short and long thank you speech for parents can be used on occasions like birthday celebrations and you can use this thank you speech for parents as a sample to create speech for your wedding, etc.

Parents Thank you Speech Thank you Speech for Parents โ€” 1 Dear friends, I would like to thank you all for assembling here and being a part of our celebration. While, Essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents am very glad and highly excited about the achievement, I am getting little emotional at the same time.

Thank you Speech for Parents

I would like to utilise this opportunity to thank the people who have been the pillars of my success. Most of you, including my colleagues, seniors and bosses have seen only the successful part of mine; my parents are the only people who have worked day in and day out to prepare me for the challenges in life. I would specifically like to thank my father for making me realize what I was and am capable of, for giving me essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents strength that I required to pursue my dreams and for believing that Essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents have the necessary skills and capability to accomplish my goals.

There had been times, when I gave up; it was only you, who walked along with me to give me the much needed support. I still remember my childhood when you spent countless hours after returning from work and helped me learning Maths: You taught me methods to solve the problems so easily.

You are the most important pillar of my life and the biggest strength that God has given me. My father always said that our house was incomplete without the contribution of my mother. I can never thank her enough for making me what I am today. You have always been so dedicated and supportive in all stages of my life.

You cook, arrange my room, make available everything at the right place and at the right time, say nice and appreciative words and feel proud of me. And you do all these, despite managing your work life. I often wonder, is my mother a super woman? I believe that this is not at all possible for an ordinary person like me.

Today, I am standing here amidst all my near and dear ones in order to celebrate my success. But this is all because of my parents who prepared me for this success.

They have loved me, cared for me, trusted me when I would lose hope, stayed awake during my exam days for meeting my dietary needs, stayed awake with me when I fell sick, cried with me when I lost the medical entrance test. Once again, thank you dear parents! essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents

Essay on Gratitude

This is the day, which each one of us waits for, since this represents the closing of the school for the next 2 months when the children would stay with their respective parents, go on vacation or enjoy their holiday as per their wishes.

This year, I have been given the honour to deliver the annual day speech. I would especially like to utilise this moment to thank those people who have transformed my life โ€” my parents. Essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents are not sufficient words to describe how thankful I am to them, for everything they have done for me. I am utilising this platform today to thank my parents as they have also gathered here.

Parents do so essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents for us right from our birth till the end and I realised this only when I came to the boarding school. No wonder, the school has taught me discipline and to be self-dependent, but the importance of parents in life is eternal. I am not making any comparison here; but today I would be biased and thank my parents for their blessings and endless support they have given to me.

Papa and Mummy, I want to tell you that I am not at all angry that you sent me here. I later realised, how judicious decision it was on your parts to send me to the boarding school because not only that I learnt to be an ideal child but I also made a lot of friends here. I want to thank you for showering endless love upon me in every situation.

Thank you for explaining me with utmost love when I made silly mistakes. Thank you for being patient in listening to my every little problem over the phone and helping me to find their solutions. Papa, you have always remained the pillar of my life, I have never seen you crying even in the darkest moments of your life. I always thought essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents my dad is a super human while that was not true; you are also a human being with an emotional essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents and I realised that when I saw you getting emotional over my departure.

Attitude of Gratitude

You bought everything for me and fulfilled all my irrational demands. Mummy, you are the most wonderful person in the world; you always taught me to be kind towards others. You taught me to be considerate and advised me to stay calm in any kind of altercation with anyone, due to which I am loaded with friends today. Essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents life has a mission and vision today; all due to your endless effort and trust upon me.

I understand, it was the toughest decision for you to send me to the hostel but you made it because you wanted to transform the irrational child of yours to a polite and considerate human being. I have learnt a lot from you after being away from you; most importantly I have started valuing people and their efforts.

Thank you Speech for Parents โ€” 3 A very good morning to all! They are the only two people who supported me in all ups and downs of my life. Parents are the real blessing, which God gives us as they stand by us in every walk of life.

Utilizing this opportunity, I would especially essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents to thank my mother because it is only a mother who sacrifices and goes through a painful journey to raise her child. Behind every successful person there is a mother who is always ready to sacrifice anything just to see her child happy.

A mother is a goddess who goes through a essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents of pain and sacrifices her own blood to give us birth. We all goes through many ups and downs, the only people who stood and essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents stand by us are our parents. There are many relationships we have in our lives, but they are flimsy most of the times and there is only one relationship that remains till our last breath and that relationship is what we share with our parents.

Parents are the only people who never step back at the time when we need them and they are always there for us does not matter how difficult the situation is. This is the only relation, which we could rely on. The person who supported me and taught me about conquering difficult situations of my life is my father. He is the only man who always tried to raise a conqueror out of me rather than suppressing me. He always supports me in every way, whether it is a mental support or financial support.

He is the only man, whom I can trust blindly in every single second of my life. He always acted as a shield when I needed protection from difficult situation in my life. I feel like I am covered with a shield and no fear of drowning could come near me. Unfortunately, not many essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents have this blessing and may be they could explain the importance of parents much better than me.

Parents Thank you Speech

I cannot imagine my life without my parents and it seems like a worst nightmare to me which I never want to see. I am very glad and thankful to God that he gave me the blessing called parents and I will try to give every happiness and comfort that they had lost just essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents raise me and making my future bright.

On this note, I would like to end my speech and extend special thanks to our parents for coming here to grace the event! Actually, the words will fall short of its meaning when it comes to expressing our gratitude towards our parents as they are indeed the most precious blessing from God and cannot be replaced by any other relationship. They are the only two people who hold my hands whenever I need their support. They are reason, why I have been standing in front of you as a manager of this prosperous company.

I want to thank my mother for giving me my life and raising me by sacrificing her own happiness. We usually come to hear that there is a woman behind every successful person and yes, it is true because she is the mother. A mother is the most caring person we all have in our lives. Her sacrifices are infinite. She always remains awake until Essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents reach home. She is truly a goddess whose blessing always acts as a backbone for our lives.

Without her support, it would be impossible for me to attain this position on which I am today. She deserves respect and equal credit for my success. There have been times when I faced complete emotional breakdown and a feeling of unrest due to the peer pressure of work; then she was the one who comforted me and brought peace to my mind through her optimistic attitude and kind words. There are some points in life in which you need a hand which can help you getting out of your problems.

My father is the only man who owns my trust and he never steps back when I need him the most. He is always there for my support. He prepared me for the difficulties that came in my life. He always acted as a strong support me which I can never forget.

Right from academic years to my present job, he has always acted as an excellent guide. He provided me enough strength and essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents to raise my career to an outstanding height. He worked over time only to provide me with every comfort that I needed. My parents are the actual reason for my success in my career and without them I would be nothing. It is completely unimaginable for me to essay on attitude of gratitude towards parents about a life without my parents but there are some children who do not have this blessing and are unaware of this love which we get from our parents.

On seeing them, it feels very fortunate that I have a loving father and a caring mother. My only aim now is to provide my parents with the best of everything because they deserve the best after all such sacrifices they did for me.

On this note, I would like to conclude my speech. Thank you all for your patience and I wish you all a great day ahead!