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In the past decade, the internet has buoyed the visibility of feminist debate in the popular media. Fight Like a Girl, Clementine Ford 2016. Allen and Unwin The renewed visibility of feminists in the popular media has supported a recent wave of memoirs.

Silencing and Harassment A consistent theme across feminist memoirs is the need to focus on the act of speaking up and overcoming the cultural forces that silence women.

It contains practical advice on topics such as how to physically use your voice to best effect, researching a subject, and writing well. Yet as the ability to communicate online has connected communities of women and helped to integrate feminist debate in the popular media, it has also brought with it intense anonymous harassment, usually from men. Almost all of the writers describe receiving unrelenting abuse. The universality of online attacks against high-profile feminist writers indicates a concerted effort to shut down the opinions of vocal women.

The possibilities for harassment enabled by social media dedicated to my ex girlfriend english literature essay now support some particularly cruel punishments. West endured a troll who created a fake Twitter account purporting to be her late father. As she points out, this kind of online attack does take on a physical dedicated to my ex girlfriend english literature essay and is intended to stop feminists having a mainstream presence: It puts me on the phone with the FBI, it gives me tension headaches and anxiety attacks; it alters my day-to-day behaviour Am I safe?

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Is that guy staring at me? Is he a troll? The goal is to traumatize me, erode my mental health, force me to quit my job. Contemporary feminists have become adept at handling the barrage of pressure to make feminist debate somehow about men. Interestingly, for many men, the only time they do feel able to talk about their own suffering is when they are trying to stop women talking about theirs. Contemporary feminists acknowledge that the expectations placed upon men can be harmful, but as Ford observes in her new book Fight Like a Girlnone of that negates the reality that women are victimised in different and more sustained ways, and the constant interruption to and attempts to derail that dialogue is dedicated to my ex girlfriend english literature essay another form of violence.

Ford undertook gender studies at the University of Adelaide, where she also began writing for dedicated to my ex girlfriend english literature essay student newspaper. In the past several years, her columns for Fairfax have attracted a huge social media following and prompted innumerable hateful comments and rape threats.

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Notes from a Loud Woman, Lindy West 2016 Hachette While feminist public figures are the most visible targets for online abuse, women writers of any persuasion are targeted for attack far more often than male writers. The Guardian recently conducted research into the 70 million comments published on the site since 2006. Of the 10 most abused writers, 8 were women and 2 were black men. A key question, then, for contemporary feminism is what role men should play within it.

And White Ribbon is dedicated to my ex girlfriend english literature essay male-lead organisation that seeks to end violence again women. Bodies that matter Modern feminism is attuned to the concept of intersectionalityor, essentially, the ways in which women can experience oppression in differing configurations depending on their race, class, ability or sexuality.

Silencing and Harassment

Denying people access to value is an incredibly insidious form of emotional violence, one that our culture wields aggressively and liberally to keep marginalized groups small and quiet. Rachel Bloom lampoons the faux-empowerment, highly commercialised message of groups like Fifth Harmony. As a girl growing up in a dedicated to my ex girlfriend english literature essay that lived in Oman and then Sheringham, England, Ford tried to control her body in an attempt to have some control over her environment.

Yet her account is also testament to the intergenerational sway of beauty ideals, as she describes copying my mother when she ate nothing but cabbage soup for days on end or grimaced her way through sour grapefruit halves. Within her personal recollections, she offers strategies for overcoming the overwhelming sense that girls and women are inferior. She takes issue with the sense that any one woman can speak to and for every other person on the planet in possession of a vagina.

It is true that the bulk of these memoirs speak to the experience of white middle-class feminists, who have had the education and privileges that enable to speak.

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While these books may collectively expose a need for a more diverse range of feminist women to occupy the space of popular media, they also speak to some commonalities of female experience that cut across a range of social categories.

Both West and Penny are exceedingly funny as they recount horrifying and demoralising incidents. Read as a corpus of contemporary feminism, these books show there is still a concerted effort to silence women who have something to say.