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Critique of barack obamas public persona essay

President Barack Obama delivers his inaugural address at the U. Capitol in Washington on Jan.

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President Barack Obama delivers his farewell address in Chicago on Critique of barack obamas public persona essay. January 20, 2017 6: How do you think historians of the future will talk about on his time in Office?

Where will he fit in the ranks of presidents past? Below is a selection of the answers they submitted by email and phone: Expansive executive actions also undergird more troubling aspects of his presidency such as drone warfare, deportations and domestic surveillance. Brands, professor of history at the University of Texas at Austin: This accomplishment will inform the first line in critique of barack obamas public persona essay obituary and will earn him assured mention in every American history textbook written from now to eternity.

Doris Kearns Goodwin, presidential historian and author of bestselling biographies: In the near-term, he brought stability to the economy, to the job market, to the housing market, to the auto industry and to the banks. And then the question is in the longer term what have you left for the future that will be remembered by historians years from now.

How America Changed During Barack Obama’s Presidency

Some of that will depend on what happens to health care. People will critique of barack obamas public persona essay enormous progress in the lives of gay people, and a president helps sometimes those cultural changes take place or at least he gets credit when it happens.

In terms of foreign policy, he ended combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. How did that affect the Middle East? And I suspect one of the signature international agreements was the climate change agreement in Paris, which would be a marker perhaps of the first time the world really took action together to slow climate change. The question will be what happens to that agreement now again under Trump. Syria will probably be a problem for him. James Grossman, executive director of the American Historical Association: Ranking presidents requires a certain amount of hubris, if not arrogance.

I take seriously historian E. The leader of the opposing party declared that the highest priority—more important than the public good—was to make sure Obama would not be critique of barack obamas public persona essay. This imperative failed, but the racism that runs so deep in American culture was unleashed as it had not been for two generations. The bandages have been ripped off the sores, which are now open and festering in public culture.

Was Obama then a failure? American public culture has failed. We were not ready for a black president. He cedes power on Friday to the very people who questioned his legitimacy and denied him the right to govern. They have already begun to demolish his accomplishments. But historians eventually will also calculate the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, look back on the results of the opening to Cuba, appreciate his admittedly belated environmental activism, and notice that his Administration was virtually scandal free.

Lori Cox Han, professor of political science at Critique of barack obamas public persona essay University: Presidential legacies can be critique of barack obamas public persona essay and nuanced, yet simple when it comes to the basics: Win two terms in office, get big things done on your policy agenda, and keep your party in power.

Yet, the Democratic dominance was short-lived. As Obama leaves office, the Republican Party is stronger than it has been since 1928 and will control the White House, both houses of Congress, a large majority of governorships and state legislative houses. The irony is that Obama leaves office with a solid approval rating and more popular than President-elect Donald Trump.

Get your history fix in one place: President Obama, with laser-like focus, tried to change the way we thought about what our government does for us at home and what it does abroad.

In so doing, he strengthened and broadened the social safety net and redefined the American engagement with the world. We will see in the coming years what the American people want to preserve of those changes. President Obama, by virtue of being elected, had already secured the first sentence in any future historical account of his life: The other thing I might add is that President Obama is among those presidents most aware of history.

I look forward to reading what he has to say about his legacy. President Obama righted the ship through a stimulus package including infrastructure improvementsexpanded relief of failing banks and investment firms, and the bailout of the American auto industry. The dignity and grace that he and his family brought to the White House will constitute his most enduring legacy. Read more about the criteria Perry uses to judge presidential legacies Katherine A.

Kennedy and Dwight D.

In addition, both had First Ladies who were significant assets to their administrations. In contrast to both of those predecessors, however, he had to deal with a starkly oppositional Congress bent on undermining his agenda, and that situation has certainly affected his initiatives.

Barack Obama became President after years of attritional warfare, and in the midst of a financial crisis critique of barack obamas public persona essay posed systemic risks to the U. In the face of these obstacles, he avoided scandal, faced down right-wing brinksmanship, refused to debase common political discourse and achieved a measure of success in areas of foreign and domestic policy, including economic recovery, the Iran nuclear deal and the expansion of health insurance provision.

10 Historians on What Will Be Said About President Obama's Legacy

But, with respect to other pressing issues—reducing widening economic inequality, moving beyond overly militarized approaches to foreign policy and confronting the ecological damage of climate change—Obama made only marginal, even negligible gains, and did not achieve the progressive, political breakthrough he promised.

His soaring oratory and dignified bearing will be fondly remembered for its vision of a more perfect union—one that President Obama was decidedly unable to deliver. Julian Zelizer, professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University: In terms of legislation, Obama achieved some big things: Those are big changes in what government does and the kinds of activities it undertakes.

He expanded the social contract. After 2010, he used executive power to move forward on immigration policy, climate change and a historic nuclear deal critique of barack obamas public persona essay Iran.

The question is, does it last? His legacy is also leaving the Democratic Party in pretty bad shape, so that puts his legacy at even greater risk.