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The consideration and details in the process of buying a new car

Dealerships that target consumers throughout every phase of this auto purchase journey ensure they will make the shortlist before a final decision is made.

Target the 3 Stages of the Auto Purchase Journey

Through each stage, dealerships must ensure they have a strong presence through multiple channels, and are reaching consumers with the right messages and offers.

Awareness In this stage, buyers are aware of a need. More trips to the repair shop may trigger the decision to purchase a new vehicle to offset accumulating costs. A new baby may necessitate a larger family vehicle, or a newly retired couple wants a vehicle with advanced safety features. The majority of consumers now start their research online.

Welcome to smarter car buying.

They comparison shop, check out online reviews, or ask for recommendations from their social peers. According to an AutoTrader. During this initial research phase, dealerships must have a robust multi-channel presence to reach consumers.

Things to remember while buying a new car

Consideration During the consideration phase, consumers have narrowed down their search to specific makes, models, and dealerships. What are your options at this point? You may send an email blast announcing your latest deal, or call to set an appointment. Cutting through the marketing clutter is crucial. Third-party data enhancements can quickly be appended to your prospect list, giving you a competitive edge.

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In addition to contact details and demographics, other specialized intelligence should be added to a prospect record, such as exact make, model, year, and Black Book value of the car the customer currently drives.

Decision In this last stage of the journey, the consumer has made a decision to visit your dealership. As you know, the deal is far from closed at this point. Consumer experience can be key to closing the deal and creating a lasting customer relationship. Consumers expect a seamless journey across the purchase cycle.

Target the 3 Stages of the Auto Purchase Journey

They the consideration and details in the process of buying a new car the same experience at your physical location that they received during the process of choosing which dealer to visit. Here are a few compelling statistics regarding the importance of a positive customer experience: Although price is a major factor, consumers are increasingly willing to pay more when they feel valued.

The purchase journey of consumers is a multi-step process. It involves multiple points of research on their part, personalized and targeted messaging on your part, and an exceptional customer experience at the end to close the deal. Kelly Idol is the senior vice president of Sales at Relevate Autoa provider of industry-leading automotive marketing intelligence.

She has more than 30 years of experience developing custom-fit data solutions that turn data into revenue-boosting marketing solutions.