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The civil rights movement in anne moodys the coming of age in mississippi

Civil Rights term papers Disclaimer: Free essays on Civil Rights posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. The free Civil Rights research paper Coming Of Age In Mississippi essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. Throughout the book we learn of the hardship endured by not just the protagonist, but also the entire African-American population at large. During the mid 20th Century, social, political, and economic discrimination seriously impacted African-Americans, preventing them from having equal rights in this country.

The civil rights movement worked to break down the barrier between blacks and whites. Moody s depiction of Southern black life during this time period is a personal attempt to convey the true nature of the racism from a black perspective; and how she helped in combatting it.

The book chronicles her life the civil rights movement in anne moodys the coming of age in mississippi the age of four up until she is twenty-four. Moody s childhood was troubled at best. In addition to being dirt poor, the Moody family struggled the civil rights movement in anne moodys the coming of age in mississippi even provide food for them. They rarely ate anything other than beans and bread. Anne s parents worked six days a week, affording them little time to spend with their family.

George Lee, Anne s cousin, would watch Anne and her sister while her parents were at work. George was a mean spirited man who burned down the Moody house, blaming the fire on Anne. Young Anne witnesses the marital problems of her parents which results in her father leaving her mother and the family for a life of drinking, sex, and gambling. Her mother eventually meets another man, Raymond. Anne and Raymond never really get along resulting in more problems for Anne.

Despite her troubled life, Anne shows great promise scholastically. She is strongly motivated to excel in school, which is eventually what causes her to pursue a life as a civil rights activist. In high school, Anne is well liked by her classmates and is even crowned homecoming queen.

Coming of Age in Mississippi and the Civil Rights Movement

Physically Anne is very adept, and she excells in sports. During her time in high school, Anne becomes more aware of her reality as well as that of all African-Americans. She discovers the NAACP and wants to understand why blacks are being discriminated against, and how she can help to stop it. It was here that Moody realizes her mission in life: When Anne finishes high school she moves to Natchez, Mississippi where she attends Natchez Junior College on a basketball scholarship.

Anne does well academically and manages to get a full scholarship to Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi. From this point on Moody s work in civil rights begins to flourish. Her first major involvement in the civil rights movement the civil rights movement in anne moodys the coming of age in mississippi when she sits-in at Woolworth s diner in Jackson.

The protest is covered nationally. From this point on Anne devotes as much time and energy as she can into the movement.

Civil Rights/ Coming Of Age In Mississippi term paper 7664

From this point on the book covers Anne s involvement in the civil rights movement and how she understands racial discrimination. She encounters quite a few barriers in the progression of the movement. She gets arrested and receives several threats. Anne is experiencing a different kind of opposition, which causes her to doubt her cause.

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Her own people are the target of her criticism. Anne is upset because of the passiveness of African-Americans and their willingness to let white people keep them oppressed. She leaves the civil rights movement because she is confused about the discrimination and racism against blacks and whites. Anne realizes she cannot return home because of her involvement in the movement, so she decides to go to New Orleans to live with her aunt and work. Eventually, she returns to Jackson and in doing so, her family and the movement.

The books ends with Anne getting onto a bus to Washington D. Anne Moody s life was far from easy. However, despite all of the obstacles that faced her, she was able to rise the civil rights movement in anne moodys the coming of age in mississippi it all and aid the progression of the civil rights movement and in turn African-American people.

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