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Society is dead we have retreated into the iworld

What creates a change in newer generations? Is it the technology that is introduced to the culture? Or is technology created to meet the needs of culture?

Throughout history there have been many inventions that have revolutionized the world; many would say bronze weapons were a vital step forward; as well as irrigation, banking and the printing press. These inventions were powerful new devices or systems that helped shape our world, and Sullivan talks about one recent set of inventions and how they have memorably changed our society in his essay.

Noticeably one technology has helped define our generation, which is summed up in two words: This sharing of knowledge and information through the internet has led to a culture that expects immediate results quickly with little effort. Why call someone when you can send a text message instead? Why go to the library for information when you can find almost anything at the tip of your fingers at home?

I recall being a young student and working on a report for a class on the Seattle Space Needle. We had just learned about how to search for and use periodicals, magazines and books in our papers from any library. After a failed day of searching in our local school library, my dad simply proposed we look online to see if we could find anything on the topic.

The internet society is dead we have retreated into the iworld now grown considerably since those days; you can find chat rooms to discuss your favorite topics, find love through a dating website, have food delivered to you, attend church services, watch TV shows and movies, play Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or even take a college course.

Looking at this historically, this one technology has changed our entire world, in a profound way practically overnight. We are all retreating in to our own small self-rotating worlds with this new found power. Society is dead we have retreated into the iworld one facet of this new generation is what Sullivan calls the iWorld, and it is a subculture that has arisen based on the premise of our internet age.

Slick and stylish is what Apple has millions of people worldwide sold on, and can most likely be traced back to the creation of the iPod in 2001.

Andrew Sullivan: Society is dead, we have retreated into the iWorld

Millions of people now had the ability to arrange their entire music collection, and jumble them up on the go. This further pushed our culture forward by going mobile, society is dead we have retreated into the iworld longer just attached to the computers in our homes. Like Sullivan, I must confess my use of Apple products.

I have come to love my iPhone 4, which holds all my apps and allows me to easily access my music on the go. There are now even laws that prevent people from making phone calls and texting while driving, only a further indication of our isolation from each other.

Apple has sold millions on the notion that we can be as ecstatic as those dancers when we buy an iPod or iPhone. I believe modern technologies have changed the way humans interact with each other; mentalities have been forever changed with instant access to whatever we have the mind to find on devices like the iPod.

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In conclusion, it is not my opinion that cultures demands for needs or technological advances will influence the other more, but rather it is a growing fusion of the two that compels a society forward. We Have Retreated into the iWorld.

Royce Adams, 7th ed.