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Regulatory bodies relevant to the education sector which exist to monitor and enforce the legislativ

Broad and Goddard 2010 mentioned that since, 2010, the UK government had imposed a rule where, the children between the age group of 3-4 years are entitled to undergo 15 hours of free nursery education for at least 38 weeks in a year.

Brown and Carasso 2013 stated that the early years of education take place in several systems which include the state nursery schools, reception classes in the primary schools and privately run nurseries. In 2000, the foundation stage had been introduced in the UK, where the children between the age group of 3 to 5 years had received the primary level of education. Primary According to Brown and Rahn-Blakeslee 2009the primary education system covers the three stages, nursery, infant and junior.

In the UK, the primary education is generally catered for the children between the age group of 4-11 years. Secondary Culliney 2014 mentioned that in the UK, the public provision for the secondary education is comprised of different types of criteria. It includes the structure of signifying the historical circumstances and strategy followed by the local authority.

Further education Grigg 2010 stated that the further education is majorly perceived in general senses to cover all the non advanced modules after the tenure of compulsory education. The UK colleges that provide the Further Education courses include the modules like general further education courses for the students.

Higher education The Higher Education includes the courses like GCE A level, postgraduate courses, undergraduate courses and other undergraduate level courses. Levy 2006 mentioned that the UK government has enacted the rules which signify that the school leaving age of the candidates relies on the birth date.

Moreover, Patel et al. The prior assertion reflects that the learners that perceive the education from the year 7 would complete the training and education system by 17 years. The post 16 options cover up varied categories like full time training, apprenticeship, part time education based training and self employed training for 20 hours in a week.

At the same point of time the governors also set the purpose and aim of the school within the agreed framework of policy. The major responsibility of the governor regulatory bodies relevant to the education sector which exist to monitor and enforce the legislativ appointing the suitable managers and teachers for the school and to set a statutory budget for the school with exact staffing structure. Moreover, Jing 2014 denoted that the foremost responsibility of the school governor is to evaluate the performances of the teachers.

Regulatory bodies relevant to the education sector which exist to monitor and enforce the legislativ have been accounted from the well being of the children.

The senior management team has collective responsibility for the effectual daily running and sound discipline of the school. The team is also required to look after the pastoral care of the students and staffs and implementing a collective agreement and development plan. Moreover, Baporikar 2009 mentioned that the strategic role of the senior management team is to set a strategic direction for the school and lead lucrative changes that would facilitate the students to enhance the knowledge lucratively.

The SENCO play the most critical part, which ensure that the children demanding special educational requirement and disabilities would receive the acute support from the school. With the passing phase of time the roles and responsibilities of SENCO have developed gradually with successive direction to substantiate the responsibilities. According to Mallin 2006the classroom, environment is fostered with various interactions between several students on the daily basis.

Thus, shaping up the social development and daily habits of the students are the major responsibilities of the school teachers. The teachers are also responsible to frame out the curriculum and extracurricular activities for the children that would facilitate the students to enhance the other expertises besides the academic knowledge. McMahon 2009 inferred that regulatory bodies relevant to the education sector which exist to monitor and enforce the legislativ managers also support the principal to mitigate the strategic, operation and financial objectives of the school.

Aboriginal and Island officers The offices assist the teachers to deliver the planned education programs and encourage the inclusive learning environment. Potcharapanpong and Thongthew 2010 inferred that the aboriginal students enact to be the liaison between the school and community. Education assistants According to Pickard and Maude 2014the education assistant are the mainstream staffs that supports the teachers to deliver the education program.

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At the similar point of time encourage and assist the teachers with other resources required to enhance the education system of the schools. Thus, the psychologists conduct the counselling session to reduce the stress level amongst the students. Mission The mission statement of the schools needs to reflect the long and short term goal of the management. Based on the offering the parents decide to admit the students in the specific school.

Aims The aim of the schools had been the major aspects through which the long term vision of the school reflects. Values Truss 2008 mentioned that the values reflect the moral and code of conduct of the schools, like self discipline, truthfulness, friendship, etc.

McMahon 2009 specified that conduction of the school spectrum helps the management to spread the messages through word of mouth commutation. The spectrum somehow managed to impress both the parents and students, thus, the changes of word of mount communication would be relatively higher. Education Act — 2002 The school authority has the duty of safeguarding and promoting the welfare r of the children. Education Act 2010 The act ensures that equal opportunities should be provided to all the students.

It has been inferred that the schools are responsible for providing the registration number for the secondary education. The specific number would be required by the students for the higher education and career growth. Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Stronge et al. The primary roles of the Health and Safety Executives are training the teachers and the staffs regarding the safety measures, consultation arrangement with the management team, occupational health services, minimising staff violence, fire safety measures and work at height.