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Recent trends in internet marketing with case studies

And 2013 is no exception to this rule. Many exciting new trends are causing digital advertisers to scramble to keep up with marketing Joneses. Innovation, not stagnation, is the best rule of thumb when approaching an online marketing strategy for the remainder of this year. Mobile Focus Smart phones and internet-ready devices are not just for professionals any longer.

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Everyone from pre-teens to grandma and grandpa is sporting a smart device these days. Remember the days when you only made phone calls with your mobile phone? Mobile phones are on the rise for use as cameras, travel planning, product and service research, garnering peer reviews, online shopping, gaming and more.

Savvy marketers are allocating more of their advertising dollars to mobile due to expanded consumer device use. Dollars are being allocated for web-based and native app development, mobile display advertising, mobile search, mobile sites for information and m-commerce alike. It is quite possible! Design Sells The importance of the design of your mobile site, along with your website, is increasingly critical.

It matters because it sells.


Consider the beauty and user experience of sites such Apple or Pinterest. Straightforward, uncluttered, and responsive design and user interface are integral to the success of sites.

If a consumer is looking for something, anything, on your website, it should be easy to locate. Keep it simple and sleek. Because of the great number and variety of devices that access sites, responsive design is important.

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Responsive design allows your site to adjust easily and seamlessly to the screen resolution of the various devices. But, have you taken a search results performance approach to your social media engagement? Social and search integration is not a new trend, but a growing one. Due to constant algorithm updates from the big search engine players, it is clear that quality of social content matters.

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Combine quality content with targeted social efforts and online transparency, and you have a winning effort. Traditional search engine optimization combined with social search performance focus will facilitate the ability of consumers to locate you quickly! The Wrap-up All in all, the current digital trends are not limited to just recent trends in internet marketing with case studies three categories, but these three standout as do the businesses that embrace them.

Whether you capitalize on all three of these, or only one, internet marketing is a critical piece of the marketing mix and should not be overlooked or underestimated. Focusing on any or one of these trends can potentially enable revenue and growth for your business. Adrienne Erin is a writer and Internet marketer who is always tuned into the latest changes in the industry.