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Marketing plan to relaunch nivea for men

Brand Positioning of Nivea Brand Positioning of Nivea Now the marketing team had a new product idea that consumers liked. It had a name and packaging design that were well received. The brand position is the specific niche in the market that the brand defines itself as occupying.

This built on the core deodorant positioning. Nivea is marketing all of its products targeting marketing plan to relaunch nivea for men under the strapline 'Feel Closer' in a new brand positioning for the company.

Nivea said the Feel Closer line, devised by DraftFCB London, aims to emphasise the positive impact Nivea products have on female relationships by helping them to "feel good in their own skin".

The awareness of the Nivea brand is vast but we needed to find a way to engage with the audience to a greater degree. Nivea repositions male grooming category to grab larger market share Nivea is on a high these days. One of the world's largest skincare brand has decided to up the ante in the highly cluttered Indian market.

In the process, the company has rebranded and repositioned its offering for men. Nivea had its presence in the men's grooming market with the brand 'Nivea for men' in 2007. The men's range was promoted with the tagline " What men want ". The brand started its serious foray into men's category with an Advanced Whitening range. This year, the brand marketing plan to relaunch nivea for men gone for a makeover. Nivea had rebranded its men's range with the new brand name " Nivea Men".

Along with the new name is the new positioning. The Nivea Men is positioned on the user. The brand has the new tagline " It starts with you ". Besides the new name and the positioning, Nivea Men has roped in the Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal as the brand ambassador. The brand is on a high decibel campaign featuring the brand ambassador. Watch the ad here: First is that the brand has resisted itself from taking the " Attraction " route taken my most men's grooming brand. Second is the fit that the brand established between the brand and its celebrity endorser.

I feel that Arjun Rampal was used very smartly by the brand. There is a personal touch and authenticity to the message delivered marketing plan to relaunch nivea for men the celebrity. Nivea has been able to convey its message very smartly in the new campaigns.

This has been backed by research done by the brand before venturing marketing plan to relaunch nivea for men the men's category. According to various newsreports, research revealed that a. Men are not satisfied with the efficacy of the existing skincare products which are targeting women. Men are also not interested in visiting products displayed in the women's isles in the stores.

While grooming is the end result for women, men view grooming as a tool to get what they want in life. It adopted a narrative where the brand talked to the men like men do.

This is evident from the way the celebrity endorser has conveyed the message through the ads. Another good thing the brand did was it clearly and rationally identified the brand's USPs. For example, in the skincare range, the brand talked about dark spots, for deodorant the brand talked about freshness etc. Nivea has clearly got its communication right this time. It has a convincing message and a right brand ambassador. Nivea is also the only brand in the men's category to have a range of products ranging from skincare to deodorants which also adds more punch to the brand's visibility in the retail outlets as well as the scope.

These strategies set marketing plan to relaunch nivea for men how the objectives would be achieved within the designated budget set by the management team. It is a major reason why in the UK the brand is still the market leader in the male facial skincare market. Another cornerstone of the UK marketing strategy for marketing plan to relaunch nivea for men re-launch was promotion. NIVEA sought to build on and develop the approach it had used in the past.

In the 1980s, advertising in men's style and fashion magazines along with product sampling was a major promotional tool.

Describe two pieces of data that nivea used when preparing its marketing plan to relaunch nivea for

In the 1990s, the company used radio, television and press advertising together with sampling. Since marketing plan to relaunch nivea for men, there has been a greater emphasis on consumer needs and an increasing use of experiential activities in the promotional mix. Experiential marketing is about engaging consumers through two-way communications that bring brand personalities to life and add value to the target audience.

This helps build an emotional connection between the brand and the consumers. It is important to get the promotional balance right. The use of sport was a key element here. It also allowed the brand to build and maintain a consistent dialogue with men, which helps to drive sales.

Above-the-line promotion included television and cinema adverts, which reached a wide audience. The brand also benefited from press advertorials in popular men's magazines, making the daily usage of their products more acceptable. Promotions were used to attract new customers. To enhance the brand a tool called a 'Configurator' was created on the website to help customers specify their skin type and find the product that best suits their needs. The campaign focuses on confidence and how it can help man accomplish their ambition, vision and energy.

The new range of Nivea Men aims to help men find that confidence by taking the first step. And therefore, the new brand claim: It starts with you. The male grooming category is changing with new brands making headway to the retail stores and as a marketing plan to relaunch nivea for men for brands to distinguish themselves from the clutter is getting competitive.


The activating space is used to trigger the shopper to tap the go- getter attitude. This simple brand communication targets the men of today by projecting an attitude that associates with the product range. All the units were deployed pan India.