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Cash flow of the southport minerals inc

You access additional reading materials by clicking the hyperlinks contained within this syllabus. The Free Press, 1998. This book takes a practitioner's approach to discussing the linkages between strategic planning, competitiveness, and asset control for improving a firm's stock price.

Valuation is the key to any transaction.

Southport Minerals, Inc. Background: Structured Financing Case Study

Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1991. The author is an attorney, professor, and former president of a large diversified retailer. Malkiel New York, NY: This book challenges the belief cash flow of the southport minerals inc stock prices can be predicted and concludes that no strategy can consistently outperform that of buying and holding a wide, randomly selected portfolio of long-term gain.

A former academic, Haugen is managing partner of a portfolio management software company. His views on market efficient are contrary to many academicians. This book provides an excellent discussion of the weaknesses associated with the PE ratio in valuation analysis. A Business Experience, Roy E. The book is written as a novel to show how to apply shareholder value theory.

The author reveals the five secrets to creating value by incorporating the efforts of marketing, manufacturing, human resources, and finance cash flow of the southport minerals inc an overall strategy that ensures bottom-line success. As the title implies, this book is about assessing a firm's quality of earnings. O'Glove is often quoted in the business press.

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Profits You Can Trust: This book helps you spot the trouble spots cash flow of the southport minerals inc financial statements. This book is along the lines of Quality of Earnings. It underscores the necessity of reading the notes in the annual report. Buy, Lie, and Sell High, D. The author offers analysis of both the Internet stock bubble and the Enron scandal. Economics Freakonomics, Steven D.

Levitt and Stephen J. The authors show that economics is at the root of incentives. This book has been on the New York Times best selling list for several weeks.

Crown Trade Paperbacks, 1979. Written in layman's language, the book cuts through much of the economic nonsense that has been written about our economic ailments. Applied Economics, Thomas Sowell. A citizen's guide to the economy, written by an economist who use plain English. The book is designed cash flow of the southport minerals inc people who want to understand economic issues without getting bogged down in jargon and graphs.

Wesbury New York, NY: The book shows that the future is much brighter than the daily news accompanying the recent recession cash flow of the southport minerals inc you to believe. Ahead of the Curve, Joseph H. Harvard Business School Press, 2005. This book is a commonsense guide to forecasting business and market cycles. It brings clarity to placing economic indicators and the stock market into context.

Porter New York, NY: The Free Press, 1980. The book shows the need to understand both the industry structure and competitor's behavior within the structure.

Economics of Strategy, 5th ed. This book provides an economic foundation for strategic analysis. Harvard Business School Press, 2006. Market share is often about executive ego.

Profit belongs to the shareholders. This book emphasizes the importance of barriers to entry for competitive advantage to exist. Harvard Business School Press, 2004. The authors outline the timeless strategies that have driven the world's winning companies.

Grades earned are grades earned! Class Contribution The contribution grade takes account of the quality and regularity of your comments, attendance, and preparation.

Effective contribution means moving the analysis and understanding forward for all assignments.

Contribution can also take the form of asking insightful questions to stimulate the discussion. I expect you to come to class on time, fully prepared, and ready to open the discussion. Preparation involves careful analysis of the available quantitative and qualitative evidence presented in the assignments.

Weekly attendance is expected and you are to be in class prior to the 6 p. If you must miss a class, please inform me beforehand via cash flow of the southport minerals inc.

Southport Minerals, Inc.

Three missed classes will result in your earned letter grade being lowered a whole letter grade. More than three missed classes will result in more severe penalties; possibly an administrative withdrawal from the class. I allocate contribution points as follows: Written Assignments There are no exams in this class.

Instead, you will submit four written case assignments two "brief" and two "detailed" and one write-up related to analysis of the economy. All assignments are due at the beginning of class of the day the case is shown on the syllabus. You have some choice for the case assignments, as shown below. If you submit a case as an individual "brief", it can't be submitted as as "detailed" assignment", or vice versa.

The two "detailed" papers will be completed as team work; thus, form teams of three people. Let me know by week three who is in your group. Each case listed in this syllabus has a series of questions to provide guidance in addressing the issues and writing up your analysis.

You are not restricted to these questions. If cash flow of the southport minerals inc see other issues, you can include them in your report. I expect for each of the "detailed" cases that you include discussion about the firm's business or operating risk and its financial risk near the front of the write-up.

Your analysis of risk will provide the foundation for other analyses that follow -- both qualitative and quantitative -- and recommendations. Brief Assignments require a minimum of two, single-spaced typed pages of analysis, excluding exhibits and attachments. You choose the cash flow of the southport minerals inc s you want to discuss. Attach whatever exhibits you feel are necessary to support your analysis.

Don't simply restate facts of the case -- do critical thinking. For any quantitative analysis you do, I should be able to understand how you derive your results. Interco Session 2 PepsiCo: UPS Session 11 Although these cases will not be submitted for grading, you are expected to come to class prepared to discuss them. Detailed Team Assignments have no page limit, although they probably shouldn't be less than six and might be more than ten, single-spaced typed pages, excluding exhibits e.

Do not dwell on restating facts in the case. I expect you to analyze the issues and write in a mature fashion without excessive use cash flow of the southport minerals inc bullets to express yourself. Use headings to separate the various parts of the paper. Needless to say, check the grammar. Treat the assignment as a report you are submitting to top management.

In summary, you should be proud of your written work. Choose one of the following cases for the first team detailed assignment: The Capital Structure Decision Session 6 Choose one of the following cases for the second team detailed assignment: Super Project Session 9.