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A report on an interview with a male subject on life span psychological development

The subject demonstrated a clear 1st stage dystonic outcome resulting in a pattern of mistrust in adolescence resulting in identify confusion. All the stages that precede this stage end with some degree of a resolution of conflict, however, the degree and quality of identity established in adolescence is important because it the first experience of identity.

Method The interview was conducted by telephone in one interview lasting approximately 2 hours. The request for approval to interview was completed by e-mail.

The subject was informed that the purpose of the interview was to obtain her recollections of her lifespan with specific emphasis on adolescence. The interview was taped with permission. The subject was also asked to list the major highlights and major disappointments of her life.

Following this, the subject was asked 34 focus questions. The interview was then concluded. Mistrust, 2 Autonomy v. Shame, Doubt, 3 Initiative v.

Connecting Life Span Development with the Sociology of the Life Course: A New Direction

Guilt, 4 Industry v. Inferiority, and 5 Identity v. Identity Confusion Erickson, 1968. The questions were based on outcomes of both systonic and dystonic conflict resolutions of each stage documented by Rolf E.

Muuss Muuss, 1996 and Eric Erickson Erickson, 1968. Stage 1 Questions Because the major developmental crisis of this stage of development is trust, the central approach in this phase was to test the degree the subject is a trusting or mistrusting person Muuss, 1996: Time confusion was tested both directly by questions of sleeplessness and goal setting. Questions tested the degree of retentiveness and stinginess as well as cooperation.

Confidence in work achievement as well as vulnerability and defiance of authority was tested in this stage. Stage 4 Questions This stage involves accomplishment and the feeling of success, approval, and recognition with regard to tasks.

During this phase a person assesses strengths and weaknesses, becomes involved in active planning for the future, becomes aware of the diffusive conflicts of identify formation, and experiments with love relationships. Overview of Lifespan The subject is 70 years old Caucasian. She wished to remain anonymous. She is the oldest of four children; two younger sisters and a younger brother. Her parents are deceased. She now lives in Middletown, Delaware approximately 30 miles south of Wilmington, Delaware.

She is single having been divorced in 1979 and has not remarried. She was born on Broom Street in Wilmington, Delaware. At the alertness of the owner, the police called her parents and they came and took her home.

Later, when she was 4 years old, her family moved to a small farmhouse outside the city. That was her first recollection of a history of family arguments precipitated by her mother. Apparently, her mother, at the time, was extremely underweight after the birth of her second daughter and was ordered by the doctor to drink cream. One night her mother came into the kitchen and found her mother-in-law drinking the cream.

This caused a huge argument resulting from the expulsion of the mother-in-law from the family. The family then re-located to Chester, A report on an interview with a male subject on life span psychological development for several months while their new home was being constructed.

The subject did not recall much about this period, except to indicate that due to the cramped circumstances, it was not pleasant. It was a new neighborhood and her earliest memories are of trying to make friends with the children her age. Ruth did not like doing that and never made friends with the girl. It was too late, the other girl befriended her first. She went to school. Her father was an engineer with the DuPont Company. The family was considered upper-middle class.

Ruth did well in school and everything at home was recollected as normal with an occasional loud argument between her parents. Her first a report on an interview with a male subject on life span psychological development disappointment in life occurred during this period.

Ruth spent a lot of time with her garden. Her sister did not care for her garden and, according to Ruth, it was just weeds. When the judges came, they gave an award to her sister, not Ruth.

She was emotionally devastated. Ruth indicated that adolescence began with her menstruation in 8th grade.

It ended when she began working at age 17 between her junior and senior year in high school. The beginning of adolescence in 8th grade was marked by the school using her as a substitute teacher in the lower grades when the teachers were absence.

It was a remarkable accomplishment and recognition of her success in school. Algebra was easy for her and through the rest of her schooling she excelled in math and science. During this period, Ruth babysat for some extra money for herself. Her first year in high school was a positive experience. The school had the best football team in the a report on an interview with a male subject on life span psychological development.

She excelled in school and had good relations with her friends. According to Ruth, both parents drank a lot. Her mother would always fight over money. Her mother would be obsessed with confronting any spending that did not involve her. If any money was spent on anyone else, she would become extremely angry. Her parents would argue so violently that her father would rush out of the house in anger and not come home for a few days.

As a result of these arguments, between her 9th and 10th year in high school, Ruth ran away from home for over two weeks. Her father picked her up and no one in the family spoke of or mentioned the incident. Ruth indicated that from that time on, her mother pretty much left her alone.

In her 10th year in high school, the school accepted a report on an interview with a male subject on life span psychological development from another part of the county. This started cliques between the local students and the others. Ruth would have nothing to do with it and chose to isolate herself from intimate friendships at school. She used to take the bus to town and go to the dances there.

She started dating older boys from other schools. The school was going to start a cheerleading team.

Ruth and all the girls began to train and practice for the team. She looked forward to it with great enthusiasm. However, in the end, the teacher put all the candidates names in a hat and choose the team by chance. Ruth was not picked. What hurt her most was the girls that never practiced got the job. During her 10th year, Ruth did extremely well in school and worked at a dress shop in the evening to earn money for herself.

She began driving when she was 17. Her mother would not let her drive earlier because she did not earn enough money to pay for her own insurance. Ruth, however, admitted that she knew absolutely nothing about sex. Nonetheless, this was a fun time for her. She went to all the dances in the neighboring town, dated a lot of boys, and had fun.

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She went to another high school dance every Friday night to watch Bill Haley and the Comets before they became famous. He was 21 and was in the Air Force and based nearby. She ended the engagement after one week because she wanted to go to college and he would probably be sent somewhere else with the Air Force.

She knew she would go to college. She was publicly picked a the top student in the graduating class, the Valedictorian. However, a few hours later, the teacher called her into a report on an interview with a male subject on life span psychological development office and said a mistake was made.

Ruth was second, the Salutatorian. She then went to the University of Delaware as planned. She lost her scholarship because she did not maintain a 3. Ruth dropped out of college to avoid the trauma. She never went back. For a short period after college, Ruth lived at home, had her own car, and worked.

She went to the beach to party each weekend. It was a very pleasant time for her. This is when she met her future husband. He was handsome and a very sociable person.