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A panel discussion on profile by emily wylie

A panel discussion on profile by emily wylie

Any short-stirrup riders you know come to mind? You might say that Carsynn Oakes, age 9, was born to ride. Shortly after she was born her [north Texas? Sweet Pooka soaked up the attention as she led him around, loved on him, or shared her bubbles with him. Photo courtesy of Emily Oakes.

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Emily recalls a time when she left Carsynn with her grandmother, as she had to go to a parent night for a panel discussion on profile by emily wylie older son. She was pleasantly surprised to come home and find the a panel discussion on profile by emily wylie clean and the horses happily munching on hay — Carsynn had coached her grandmother through evening chores.

Carsynn helping out around the barn: She also shared why he had to be given Cimetidines before each feeding. She waited patiently to begin to work towards them while I navigated grad school and the horses rested for a few years.

But now that the time has arrived, she not only helps care for her pony and the rest of the herd daily, but hurries to finish homework after school so that we can haul to an evening lesson or clean tack and bathe her itchy pony before a show. Carsynn walked and stood with her pony under the fan in the barn aisle until the vet arrived. Mary, the vet on call, remembered caring for Pooka two years prior when he colicked in the spring, and shared that Carsynn had left her a letter that thanked them for taking care of her pony while she was at school and prepared them for what her pony Pooka would do, and how upset his much larger buddy Connell would be and that he would likely get in the way and try to help.

She insisted upon teal and purple, not only because they are her favorite, but because they honor her grandmother who recently lost her battle with ovarian cancer.

A panel discussion on profile by emily wylie

This young lady works hard and she is one tough cookie! By Leslie Wylie on Nov 14, 2017 3: Have a discussion starter? I swear one of them, Kathryn Greenfield, had a leg out the door before her car was even stopped. It was full-on nighttime by the time we got off our horses.

Leslie Wylie

How do YOU deal with daylight savings? Or, at the very least, we have a harebrained idea and some duct tape. A post shared by Renate Price love. Fix Iron Horse Eventing ajackfix on Oct 25, 2017 at 11: