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Why is disability viewed as a social problem

I also promised the next blog would outline disability as a social problem, discuss some potential solutions for this and the roles we can all play. So, here it is.

Social Problems of the Young Disabled

Whilst I have my medical condition, or impairment, I am actually disabled by societal barriers. I am aware for those with chronic fatigue and chronic pain, this model is less relevant. Nonetheless with 12 million wheelchair users in Europe and the USA alone, I want to explore this from a personal perspective. I see there being 3 categories of barriers: However, when there is a ramp or lift I am enabled and not disabled.

When their attitude is around my needs being an additional difficulty, I am disabled. If they would allow for my needs, enable me to illustrate my ability to do the job well and choose me as the best candidate; I am enabled and not disabled. You can see my train of thought right? The solutions why is disability viewed as a social problem simple. When governments, organisations, companies, communities and individuals work together on removing the barriers; disabled people will be fully included in society.

This will never happen quick enough for me.

However, I can see amazing progress in access, attitudes and policies in the past 30 years. This progress must continue, not regress. I believe my role sits around showing the investment in personal care, technology and equipment I require, but showcasing the amazing things that can happen as a result.

Not only am I happier and healthier, I am an employer of Personal Care Assistants, a worker, hopefully an employer for my business in the future, a consumer and valued member of society. I also see my role as encouraging disabled people to think big, have ambition, not be ground down by the barriers, have the tools and solutions to overcome these barriers and to have a confident why is disability viewed as a social problem that all disabled people can kick ass, even whilst these annoying barriers do exist.

So, who are why is disability viewed as a social problem in this story?

Why disability is a social problem and what you can do about it

What is your role? If we all do our bit by challenging bad access, attitudes and policies, alongside disabled people raising the bar, show the world how amazing they are and demand fair inclusivity: Leonard Cheshire Disability, 2010. DRC, Nov 2003available at www. I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp more information.