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The life success and struggles of mark twain

Pleasanter Things For the time it would seem that Mark Twain had given up authorship for business. The success of the Grant book had filled his head with plans for others of a like nature. Almost any war-book was considered a good venture. And there was another plan afoot.

It was generally believed that such a book would have a tremendous sale, and Colonel Sellers himself could not have piled the figures higher than did his creator in counting his prospective returns. Webster went to Rome to consult with the Pope in person, and was received in private audience.

A large advance sale had been guaranteed by the general canvassing agents—a fortunate thing, as it proved.

For, strange as it may seem, the book did not prove a the life success and struggles of mark twain success. It is hard to explain just why. Perhaps Catholics felt that there had been so many popes that the life of any particular one was no great matter. The book paid, but not largely.

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The McClellan and Sheridan books, likewise, were only partially successful. Perhaps the public was getting tired of war memoirs. Many of them did not pay. Their business from a march of triumph had become a battle. To float this venture they were obliged to borrow large sums. It seems unfortunate the life success and struggles of mark twain Mark Twain should have been disturbed by these distracting things during what should have been his literary high-tide.

As it was, his business interests and cares absorbed the energy that might otherwise have gone the life success and struggles of mark twain books.

He was not entirely idle. Webster was eager to publish another book by his great literary partner, but the work on it went slowly. Then Webster broke down from two years of overwork, and the business management fell into other hands. Though still recognized as a great publishing-house, those within the firm of Charles L. Furthermore, Mark Twain had finally invested in another patent, the type- setting machine mentioned in a former chapter, and the demands for cash to promote this venture were heavy.

To his sister Pamela, about the end of 1887, he wrote: The beautiful house in Hartford was a place of welcome and merriment, of many guests and of happy children.

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Especially of happy children: In notes dictated many years later, Mark Twain said: Katy Leary, for thirty years in the family service, once said to the author: Clemens, who was the best actor of all. I have never known a happier household than theirs was during those years.

Mark Twain had kept up his German study, and a class met regularly in his home to the life success and struggles of mark twain with the problems of der, die, and das.

It was unlike anything attempted before or since. No one but Mark Twain could have written it. Many pleasant and amusing things could be recalled from these days if one only had room. A visit with Robert Louis Stevenson was one of them. Stevenson was stopping at a small hotel near Washington Square, and he and Clemens sat on a bench in the sunshine and talked through at least one golden afternoon.

XLVIII. Business Difficulties. Pleasanter Things

What marvelous talk that must have been! Once, in a letter, Stevenson wrote: It cannot be safe for a man at my time of life to laugh so much. He was, therefore, in high favor at the White House during both Cleveland administrations, and called there informally whenever business took him to Washington. Clemens, who could not attend, slipped a little note into the pocket of his evening waistcoat, where he would be sure to find it when dressing, warning him as to his deportment.

Being presented to young Mrs. She signed, and he handed her Mrs. It was very brief. Cleveland summoned a messenger and had the card mailed immediately to Mrs. Absent-mindedness was characteristic of Mark Twain.

He lived so much in the world within that to him the material outer world was often vague and shadowy. Once when he was knocking the balls about in the billiard-room, George, the colored butler, a favorite and privileged household character, brought up a card.

So many the life success and struggles of mark twain came to sell him one thing and another that Clemens promptly assumed this to be one of them. George insisted mildly, but firmly, that, though a stranger, the caller was certainly a gentleman, and Clemens grumblingly descended the stairs. Clemens took it rather limply, for he had noticed some water-colors and engravings leaning against the furniture as if for exhibition, and he was instantly convinced that the caller was a picture-canvasser.

Inquiries by the stranger the life success and struggles of mark twain to Mrs. He was polite, but unresponsive, and gradually worked the visitor toward the front door. His inquiry as to the home of Charles Dudley Warner caused him to be shown eagerly in that direction.

Clemens, on his way back to the billiard-room, heard Mrs.

50 Best Inspiring Mark Twain Quotes About Life

Clemens call him—she was ill that day: Livy, what can I do? Tell him what you have done. They had met before. You found him all right. Charlie, we met Mr.

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I wanted to come over here with him, but I was a good deal occupied just then. Returning home, Clemens noticed the pictures still on the parlor floor. Clemens, those are our own pictures! Clemens had me set them around to see how they would look in new places.

The gentleman was only looking at them while he waited for you to come down. He was proud of the honor, for it was recognition of a kind that had not come to him before—remarkable recognition, when we remember how as a child he had hated all schools and study, having ended his class-room days before he was twelve years old.

The life success and struggles of mark twain could not go to New Haven at the time, but later in the year made the students the life success and struggles of mark twain delightful address.

In his capacity of Master of Arts, he said, he had come down to New Haven to institute certain college reforms. By advice, I turned my earliest attention to the Greek department. I told the Greek Professor I had the life success and struggles of mark twain to drop the use of the Greek- written character, because it is so hard to spell with and so impossible to read after you get it spelt.

Let us draw the curtain there. I saw by what followed that nothing but early neglect saved him from being a very profane man. He said he had given advice to the mathematical department with about the same result.

The astronomy department he had found in a bad way. He had decided to transfer the professor to the law department and to put a law- student in his place. A boy will be more biddable, more tractable—also cheaper.

It is true he cannot be entrusted with important work at first, but he can comb the skies for nebula till he gets his hand in. It was hardly the sort of an address that the holder of a college degree is expected to make, but doctors and students alike welcomed it hilariously from Mark Twain. Not many great things happened to Mark Twain during this long period of semi-literary inaction, but many interesting ones. Clemens himself gave a reading now and then, but not for money. Warner, unable to go, handed the telegram to Clemens, who promptly answered that he would come.

They read to a packed house, and when the audience had gone and the returns were counted, an equal amount was handed to each of the authors.

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Clemens pushed his share over to Johnston, saying: You can pass it along some day. The typesetting machine was still costing a vast sum, but each week its inventor promised that a few more weeks or months would see it finished, and then a tide of wealth would come rolling in.

He read for institutions, schools, benefits, and the like, without charge.