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Summary of the pirates of silicon valley

It also shows what motivated them to be what they are now.

A Brief Summary about "Pirates of Silicon Valley"

Also because of that, they met Captain Crunch, a native in Berkeley. They even tested it out by calling the pope. Since then, they began discovering new devices that can ease their lives. Their first try to build a computer was too unfortunate that it caught fire and all they can do is to laugh and laugh.

It was published on a newspaper by Mercury News, a news-casting network at those times. Because of the latter, Jobs and Wozniak became so determined that they succeeded in building the first personal computer PC. Even though, the banks they want where they want to loan does not summary of the pirates of silicon valley to give them a chance because of summary of the pirates of silicon valley physical perception and so they began changing themselves into a good-looking one.

They grew even larger also with the help of Mike Markula, an agent of Intel Corp. Several years later, Jobs invented the graphics and the operating system but Gates stole it.

Gates did this through inside job. Later, Jobs became distracted and partially turning into a beast-like monster because of his attitude. When they have recovered, Jobs searched for Arlene, his girlfriend and saw Lisa, their daughter, which he named the Lisa Computer.

Pirates of Silicon Valley Reaction paper

Three months later, Jobs was fired by John Sculley. At the last scene, Steve Wozniak teaches the schoolchildren on how to use computers and he even funds a ballet. While Steve Jobs now lives with his new family and daughter Liza. On 1997, Jobs returned summary of the pirates of silicon valley Apple and worked together with Microsoft, which is headed by Gates.

I guess, Steve Jobs would never find his daughter Liza and would be the wealthiest man on Earth. I can conclude that Bill Gates would do everything just to get what he wants regardless of the possible problems it could form and also regardless of the feelings of others.

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