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Is ashley madison based on an ethical

Messenger Hackers have released the personal information of the 37m users of the Ashley Madison and Established Men websites.

It hurts, but Iā€™m going to defend Ashley Madison and 33 million adulterers

Established Men, meanwhile, targets women looking to date rich men. Both sites are owned by Avid Life Media. Some still hope that the data released may not be reliablebut as one security specialist has noted: But what about the morality of the marketers?

It is the latter that the hackers seem particularly worked up about. So is there anything wrong in marketing such an illicit service is ashley madison based on an ethical reaping the financial rewards, not only from this but also the guilt that some clients may feel later?

Well if you go on Twitter you will find that there is very little sympathy for the people whose accounts were revealed by the hackers. Although many seem to find the whole thing humorous.

Will the media name Ashley Madison users? It may not matter ā€” we're all the media now

Simply providing a service? But what is clear is that there is a market for such behaviour and ALM is not the only company benefiting from it. Ethical apparently because you tell your partner that you are going to be unfaithful or include them in your new relationships. Since motivational researchers, Edward Bernays and Ernst Dichter first uncovered the importance of the subconscious ā€” including sexual desire ā€” in the purchasing of products in the 1930s, sex has been is ashley madison based on an ethical to marketing.

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Bernays and Dichter showed how marketplace decisions are driven by emotions and subconscious whims and fears. As the famous adage goes: In the 1920s Bernays spearheaded a campaign that encouraged women for whom there had previously been a taboo on smoking to try cigarettes.

In a similar way it could be argued that Ashley Madison through its very existence and its so-called anonymous service made illicit affairs possible, and even without is ashley madison based on an ethical help of hackers may have led to heartbreak for many. Of course, where Ashley Madison differs to other products or services being marketed by sex is that it is actually all about sex.

Simply providing a service?

Guilt is the other marketing technique that Ashley Madison seem to have used to their profit. This is perhaps more of a problem for many than the nature of the service they are selling. Yet again apparently intelligent individuals have been duped not only by what they have been sold but also by their own naivety.