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An introduction to the life of osama bin laden

His time at the university was key to his future role as leader of al-Qaeda, not only in influencing his radical views but also in providing him with the skill to market al-Qaeda. Building al-Qaeda Shortly after the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979, bin Laden, who viewed the invasion as an act of aggression against Islambegan traveling to meet Afghan resistance leaders and raise funds for the resistance.

Osama bin Laden

By 1984 his activities were centred mainly in Afghanistan and Pakistan, where he collaborated with Azzam to recruit and organize Arab volunteers to fight the Soviet occupation. A computer database he created in 1988 listing the names of volunteers for the Afghan War led to the formation that year of a new militant network named al-Qaeda Arabic: In 1989, following the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, bin Laden returned to Saudi Arabiawhere he was initially welcomed as a hero, but he soon came to an introduction to the life of osama bin laden regarded by the government as a radical and a potential threat.

Bin Laden was outraged when Saudi Arabia relied instead on U. In the early 1990s bin Laden and his al-Qaeda network began to formulate an agenda of violent struggle against the threat of U.

In 1996, under heavy international pressure, Sudan expelled bin Laden, and he returned to Afghanistan, where he received protection from its ruling Taliban militia.

To this end, al-Qaeda trained militants and funded terrorist attacks. He was known to be a skilled orator, able to manipulate a variety of rhetorical strategies and to make his message easily accessible even to the uneducated. At the end of the 20th century, bin Laden was thought to have had thousands of militant followers worldwide, in places as diverse as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, LibyaBosniaChechnyaand the Philippines.

The September 11, 2001, attacks and the U. In December 2001 bin Laden went into hiding after evading capture by U.

In the following years, U. After that he periodically released audio messages, including in 2008, when he threatened retaliation for the deaths of Palestinians in the Gaza Stripand in 2009, when he challenged the nerve of the new U. Navy Seal operation in Zhawar Kili, eastern Afghanistan, 2002.

Department of Defense Meanwhile, U.

On May 2, 2011, bin Laden was killed when a small U. His body, identified visually at the site of the raid, was taken out of Pakistan by U. Barack Obama announcing that U. Official White House Video Later that month al-Qaeda released a final audio message said to be from bin Laden, purportedly recorded by him shortly before he was killed. In the message, bin Laden praised the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings of early 2011 and called on al-Qaeda followers to help people struggling against unjust governments.