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A rose for emily a victim rebel or outcast

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The way women have been treated, past and present, has led them to fight for equality. The battle to be equal to their male counterparts is part of the Feminist Movement. The patriarchal ideologies of the townsfolk, both men and women, display how they firmly believe in traditional gender roles. Gender roles are part of the patriarchal belief that men should hold the power and that both men and women have roles to play based solely on their gender Class Notes 2015. The residents of Jefferson believe in these roles and if anyone steps a rose for emily a victim rebel or outcast from their gender role, they are an outcast and should be treated accordingly.

This is the beginning of what they consider a violation of her gender role as patriarchal beliefs a rose for emily a victim rebel or outcast that if one does not conform to their role as a male or female, it is unnatural.

Additionally, during the Victorian era in which the story is set, the role of a woman includes maintaining her purity before marriage. The ladies of Jefferson believe that Emily has once again violated her gender role by consorting with a northerner by the name of Homer Barron. Emily has lost her virtue and is now seen as an outcast, this leads Emily to struggle to survive in the patriarchal community.

To elaborate, the druggist looking down on her is symbolic of his disdain and rejection of Emily. It is in this way that Emily is seen; she does not fit the mold of what women are in this particular community, and is therefore uncivilized and unruly. As such, Emily hardens herself and rebels against the norm.

A rose for emily a victim rebel or outcast

What may be viewed as rebellion in Emily Grierson is really feminism. Emily fights to free herself from the constraints of the patriarchal society by going against what is considered the norm.

Fighting against patriarchal oppression for gender equality is the true meaning of feminism. To analyze, Emily is being objectified via the description of her appearance with the narrator specifying her body type as slender and clothing as white.

These two items are an indication that she is living what is considered to be a socially acceptable lifestyle at the time. To summarize, patriarchy places great emphasis and value on women who fulfill their roles by maintaining a particular appearance, their virtue and marry by a certain age. In contrast, Emily is past marrying age, has gained weight and cut her hair short like a man and, for this reason, is considered less worthy or depreciated in value.

Additionally, the author is showing the complete transformation of a rose for emily a victim rebel or outcast once slender, innocent young lady into a strong woman. In essence, in one fell swoop Emily is both dismissing the men and, in particular, emasculating the sheriff by challenging his power and authority in the town to his peers.

Secondly, the word vanquished is used to describe controlling and defeating an enemy in war. Essentially, this statement illustrates that Emily is in a war against the patriarchs of Jefferson and has won. The patriarchal beliefs of the townsfolk include gender roles a rose for emily a victim rebel or outcast they believe Emily has violated. The breaking of these unspoken rules makes Emily an outsider to the residents of Jefferson, who treat her with contempt and force her into reclusion.

From the Victorian Era to the present day women continue to strive for equality by fighting oppression. Only with the elimination of patriarchal ideologies will the real potential of a woman become evident. How to Read and Write About Literature.