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A review of flush by carl hiassen a suspenseful novel

Flush is everything a long-time Carl Hiaasen reader would expect, perfectly toned-down for a younger audience. The protagonist, Noah Underwood, is a young teenager living with his family in the Florida Keys. When he suspects a casino boat is pouring sewage directly into the pristine local waters, Paine sneaks in and sinks the vessel. He is taken to jail, leaving Noah, and his sister Abbey, to try and prove that the casino boat owner is the one polluting beaches and killing wildlife.

As usual, there are some shady characters, like Lice Peeking, so named because of his aversion to showers. He turns out to be a pretty good guy, helping the kids get on the boat and get information with the help a review of flush by carl hiassen a suspenseful novel his bartender girlfriend Shelly.

Flush - A Book By Carl Hiaasen For Young Readers

There is also the casino boat muscle, a scar-faced man named Luno, who attempts repeatedly to kidnap Noah and Abbey, and a bully, Jasper Jr. He ambushes and beats on Noah every chance he gets. Although he has personal reasons for beating on A review of flush by carl hiassen a suspenseful novel, Jasper Jr. Hiassen frequently showcases South Florida wildlife, as in scenes where Noah saves a scum-covered sea turtle, or bumps straight into a manatee.

He fishes constantly throughout the book and the reader hears about snapper, tarpon, needlefish, blue crab, and many a review of flush by carl hiassen a suspenseful novel which, of course, he usually throws back. Young readers will quickly come to like Noah and his spunky sister Abbey. This is a clever, well-written young adult novel that will encourage a new generation of Florida environmentalists.

Kristi is a lifelong Floridian new to Miami Beach. She graduated from the University of Florida where she studied Photojournalism and English. She is now a middle school teacher who enjoys exploring Miami, photographing the sights, and reading in her spare time.

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Book Review: Flush by Carl Hiaasen

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