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A look at the career options for women in the byzantine empire

A look at the career options for women in the byzantine empire

Generally it was looked down upon and considered shameful from outsiders of the empire to accept the Eunuchs but this is not how the Roman Empire viewed it. They needed the extra help running the empire and were more than happy to accept them into their society.

Gender in the Byzantine Empire

So what is a Eunuch you might ask? Well a Eunuch are men who have been castrated usually early in their life but this was not always the case. Eunuchs were in high demand during the Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire. Since castration was illegal in the Byzantine Empire most of the Eunuchs were foreign slaves that had been castrated prior to being transported to the Empire or they were castrated illegally in secret. Gender structures in the Byzantine Empire were quite different than they are in contemporary society.

Today most of society tends to see gender as a binary male or female a look at the career options for women in the byzantine empire even though this is not the case and there are many different variations of gender in society.

The Persistence of Byzantium

During the time of the Byzantine Empire there were the Eunuchs who were considered as a third or separate gender from male and female. The eunuchs were slaves more often than not giving them less rights in the Byzantine Empire than the locals who lived within the Empire. Females in the empire also had less rights and were considered to be less than men in the Empire. They mostly had the roles of being housekeepers and procreating children.

Gender and Class in Byzantine Society

Domestic violence was a huge problem in families and women were not able to divorce their husbands unless the husband had been unloyal to them. Many of these inequalities women had were changed when Theodora and Justinian came into power. Theodora was able to help alter the laws with her connections to Justinian, she knew what it was like to be a lower class woman since she had lived most of her life as such.

Justinian writes, for instance, that he consulted Theodora when he promulgated a constitution which included reforms meant to end corruption by public officials. Therefore she made it so they were able to leave the actress profession if they felt so inclined to, women were not able to do so prior. She also made every effort she could to undermine a look at the career options for women in the byzantine empire kill off the business of prostitution in the Empire, and she made it legal for women to divorce their husbands if they wanted to.

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I believe we can look back in history at how the Romans and Byzantines accepted and wanted the Eunuchs in their society and we can see how Theodora was able to make changes that affected women immensely in the Byzantine empire and take some advice to be more accepting to all and be able to progress our society as a whole. Biography of 6th Century Byzantine Empress. Neo Byzantium, 05 Nov.