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A history of the spokane fire department

Shain Text Although the professionalization of the Spokane Falls Volunteer Fire Department was emerging years before the Great Fire of 1889, it wasn't until a few months after when the City passed an ordinance officially professionalizing the Spokane Falls Fire Department.

On January 1, 1890, the new No.

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Once described as "virtually a barn," the building was relocated from its volunteer location to its 418 W. First Avenue location and modernized from a rough-hewn wooden structure to a brick and mortar construction. The building housed eight firefighters and three horses. In its prime, the station was a thing of splendor, so much that it was scrutinized for being more lavish than functional.

With beautiful red brick, ornate decorations, molded tin ceilings, and a polished brass pole descending from the 2nd floor dormitories to the 1st floor, the firefighters stationed at No. This building quickly a history of the spokane fire department to be too small for the growing needs of Spokane's firefighters. The fire department soon started operating motorized fire engines in 1911, and measuring 32x76 feet, the bay doors were not wide enough to accommodate the new apparatus.

Great Spokane Fire

Across the street from No. If it were cold out, the watchmen would close the bay doors and have a warm fire ready for the firefighters when they returned.

Exactly forty-three years to the day, on January 1, 1933, Station No. Media Spokane Fire Station No. Spokane Fire Station No.

Spokane Fire Station No. 1: Establishing a Professional Force

Paint chipping away to expose original brick. The driver is N. Gillette with Captain Frank Windsor beside him on the driver seat. Standing below, left to right, L.

Meeks and John Lynch. Standing on the side is Asa Hunter and Dan Collins as the tillerman in the rear.

Spokane History Timeline

They are standing in front of the Catholic church on Main at the east end of Washington. Spokane Fire Department Chief: Myers, 1887 chief of the department, organized and equipped a hook and ladder company after Hose Company No. Spokane Fire Department Personnel: Men at Station No.

Darwin, Ed Stopher, J.

Spokane Fire Station No. 2: Spokane's First Firefighters

McAtee, Frank Aikin captain of No. Gillette then chief of the Spokane Fire DepartmentJ. Harrison and Frank Tailor.